Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wall Gallery

My gallery wall has grown to completion, so I thought I'd share with you all today. You might have noticed a few new additions in my last post about how to hang wall decor.

Let's take a look at how this gallery wall has evolved. First, we had just three white frames (which I hung right after we painted the walls a perfect gray) filled with scrapbook paper. I love using scrapbook paper to bring in a variety of patterns and colors. Not to mention it's VERY affordable artwork!

Three looked great, but didn't add enough interest to the wall. I wanted a slightly bigger impact. Thus, I created my own little artwork DIY. It was easy, feminine and rather cute if I do say so myself! The new burlap flower artwork paired perfectly with the vintage vase and flowers from my wedding. One thing that I really like is the combination of whites and off whites ( like the photo mats). It helps the modern and vintage feel work together. 

And then I took a trip to Hobby Lobby! I purchased chipboard letters (for her name), a chipboard key, and a cute yellow mirror for a grand total of $10. Originally, I planned to spray paint the mirror either gold or the same aqua color as the key (I used acrylic paint that we had already), but decided against it when I hung the last piece of the gallery. The gold frame at the top has a piece of remnant fabric inside it, both of which I already had on hand. The fabric details are playful and include the colors pink, turquoise, and YELLOW! A perfect tie in to the mirror. 

After I make a bit of progress, I always drag Landon in to see the space. He humors me and plays along. He might not care or know a ton about interior design, but he can definitely tell me if he likes the space or not... and for the rest, I just read between the lines. When I showed him the completed gallery wall (along with the rest of the room) his response was "Wow, I really hope we are having a girl..." Which translates to "...this all looks expensive, how much money did you spend?" I then reminded him of what he already knows... how thrifty his wife is! :)

And just to break things down for you...

• I purchased the white frames from Michael's (on sale) and I also used a coupon that I found on their store app. They always have coupons available, and a lot of times for 40%-50% off!

• I had the gold frame and fabric on hand already, but I originally purchased the frame for $1 at Goodwill and the fabric was a remnant piece from Joann Fabrics.

• The scrapbook paper was also from Michael's and was no more than $0.50 per sheet, if that!

• Like I said, the chipboard key and the mirror were from Hobby Lobby. The key was on sale for $0.50 and the mirror was on sale for $5. 

Here is a bump update for you all. It's been insanely hot these past few weeks, so I'm still wearing my summer maxi dresses. It's a little hard to tell just how big my belly really is because of the black, but you get the idea. 25 weeks on Friday!


  1. I love your little girl's gallery wall!! So cute and creative! I love that you used a key and mirror! Fun combo! Oh and you look adorable!!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm hardly feeling adorable these days though... haha! :)