Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bedroom Planning

Our new bed arrived on Friday afternoon. I'm not a big fan of waiting around at home for delivery, but would rather have it that way then arrange to borrow a truck ourselves. They usually give you the largest window of time possible. "We will be there between 12:00 and 5:00," the sales clerk said to us. Oh okay, great. I'll chill at home all Friday afternoon. :) Luckily they came around 1:00. 

The two delivery men were very pleasant, dog-loving folks. 

It was raining outside, so they came to the door first to confirm the delivery.  I was watching them like a creeper from our front window while they unloaded everything. The first guy walked out of the huge truck with a tiny twin sized box spring. Oh no, no, no! This was not happening I thought. Turns out that's the standard these days. They deliver two smaller box springs to ensure that they can get it into the home and into the bedroom. 

We realized that the metal bed frames that we had on hand were only big enough for a queen sized bed, so our lovely new mattress and box springs are currently sitting on the floor of our bedroom... college style... awesome. Really though, I can't complain. I have a bed to sleep in where as many people do not. 

So, I don't have a progress picture for you, and probably won't until we get our bed off of the floor.
Here is a little game plan for you while you wait. I've been shopping around on a headboard, bedding, and other accessories for the space. 
The headboard is from Pier 1 Imports. They had a massive sale going on this past weekend, which included this headboard. Unfortunately, I missed my window of opportunity and the size I needed quickly became unavailable. I'll either pay full price, come up with a plan B, or DIY a headboard. I really had my heart set on this one because of the natural and textural element.

The bedding is a quilt set from Overstock. I love the fact that it's a quilt, but still has a contemporary pattern. Guess what? It's already ordered! Should be here tomorrow. I decided to go this route with the bedding because we can still use our current white down comforter under the quilt if we choose. 

As far as the mirror goes... I've been crushing on the moroccan trend for a while now and just the other day saw a very similar mirror at Home Depot. It was only $18 for a decent size, which I thought was a steal. 

Off to Pinterest to possibly solve the headboard dilemma ... or become completely distracted by other inspiration! :)

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