Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Crate Shelf

Looking for an affordable way to add storage to a room? Well, I sure have been for a while now. I've been really wanting to add a media unit under our basement television and then additional shelving to the walls in the basement. The problem is, those things can become quite pricey. Especially a media unit... say probably $150 minimum. 

When we did the pipe shelving in my husband's office my wheels got to turning. I realized that I really love shelving that is lifted up off of the floor as opposed to a bookshelf that rest upon the floor. It's easier to vacuum underneath and is visually interesting. It lends to a custom look and feel, in my opinion. 

I started with two crates that I picked up from Michael's. They are originally $13 a piece, but I always use the coupons in my Michael's app to save 40%. You might have to go on separate days to use the coupon on each crate.  Either way, full price is totally affordable as well.  

I used some left over gray paint from the nursery and blended it with water. More water than paint so that it had a very watery, runny consistency. I then brushed all of the surfaces. It takes a bit because you will want to get in all of the nooks and crannies. You might thinking of it like white washing a fence. :)

Here is how it looked the next morning once it was dry. The paint is so light that you can still see the wood grain through it. 

This was as far as I got. We had family coming into town, and I simply did not have any more spare time to completely fulfill the full vision that I had for these crates. But I will! Soon. Until then, I did stumble upon this happy accident. 

I know, I know... it's basically a bookshelf on the floor, but it's adorable! I love the light color it brings to the space. We have a lot of dark furniture and flooring upstairs, so it's a nice airy touch. In fact, it's so perfect in the hallway that I imagine another trip to Michael's will be in my future. AND I'm envisioning something with these crates in the nursery as well. 

If I was to leave this shelf as is, I would probably screw the top piece to the bottom piece for durability and strength. 

Yay for happy accidents! And really cute updated terra cotta pots! :)

Stay tuned for how this project evolves. Hopefully I can work on it some tonight.

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