Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Wreath

Who's the cool girl that can make a cute wreath!? Me! Me! Wish you could see me with my two thumbs pointed at my chest and a cheesy grin on my face. It's an amusing look! ;) Ok, confession -- wreath is simple and affordable. Anyone can whip it up in no time! The important thing here is that I made a new wreath for fall!

This is significant because...

I have been wanting a new front door wreath for a while now. Something charming that could last for more than one season and I think this one totally could. I already had a twig wreath on hand, it just needed a little love (you can find wreaths like these at Walmart, Michaels, etc).

Knowing that all of the pretty fall faux flowers are out, I picked up a few stems from the Dollar Tree. I wanted a deep red color that would stand out against the brown of the wood (and our door). I also grabbed a stem of ivory flowers to contrast and add visual interest. I LOVE this combination together and it's a good alternative to a lot of orange that you typically see around this time of year. 

I simply stuck the stems of the flowers through the openings in the wreath and secured the entire flower to the wreath using thin green floral wire in a few various places. (You can get this wire at the Dollar Tree or other craft stores.) I went the wire route in case I ever got tired of the look and wanted to switch it up. If so, then I could simple untwist all of the wire and remove the flowers. Money saver! Wooo hoo!

To hang the wreath, I used a straight loop of burlap that I hot glued together at the ends. It looked a little incomplete so I made a simple burlap bow to liven it up. 

To make the bow, I used the same method for making boutique style hair bows. 
Here is a visual breakdown for you. 

First you fold both ends of the ribbon evenly in towards the middle. Hot glue each side down. *Tip: use a clothes pin to hold the ribbon while the glue sets. 

Next, add a small dab of hot glue to the middle of the ribbon where you glued the two pieces together (this is the back side). Pinch together. 

Fold the middle edges in the opposite direction (towards the front side of the bow). Hot glue in place on the front. There should be a small dab of glue on each side pinched middle (but on the front). Kinda confusing to explain, but you should be able to tell from the pictures. Fold the sides up and wait for the glue to set (clothes pin). It should start to resemble a bow shape. 

At this point, I wrapped the tiny floral wire around the middle for extra strength. You may or may not need to do this, but I say might as well if you have it! 

Next grab a small piece of burlap, about an inch or so. This is going to be glued around the middle, hiding all of that gluing and wire work we just did leaving the bow with a finished look. 

Then using a small line of hot glue, secure the bow to the burlap ribbon on the wreath. 

I'm thinking a cute letter "M" (for our last name) might be another nice touch for the bottom right corner. What do you think? Could this last all year long?

This post probably took me longer to make then the actual wreath. And of course, like any typical DIY that I make, it's SUPER cheap! You now have no excuses to not have charming fall door decor! ;) 

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  1. This is so cute!! I love the burlap bow, too!!

    1. Thanks, Selene! I'm glad you like it. The bow is my fav... :)

  2. Simply beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial on the bow

  3. Love it! I featured it at this weeks Bewitchin' projects block party link up. xo

  4. Love this Lindze, especially the bow...thanks for the tutorial! So happy you linked up at Motivational Monday, hope you link up again!