Friday, September 5, 2014

Journaling for my Children

If you've been around this blog for a bit, you might know that I have a love for books. I like to read them, be inspired by them, and even decorate with them (and beyond the obvious... like with this craft project).

My wheels have been turning due to my newest book additions.  These babies:

First of all, they are all beautiful books. The photography, illustrations, and typography of them all combined makes me swoon! It's the designer in me, I suppose.

Let's start today with the book in the middle -- Everyone Smiles in the Same Language. I picked this book up at TJ Maxx for $4. It's actually not a book; it's a journal.

I've been journaling for probably about 7 years now. Most of my journals are prayer journals that have special little things included here and there. For instance, I might save a note from a birthday card that was meaningful or a treasured picture. My journaling has evolved into a sort of scrapbook journaling you could say. It's has made quite the impact on me to look back at some of the things that I prayed over and see how God truly had his hands all over each situation. Journaling has definitely been a faith builder for me personally. The plan for this specific journal is not for another prayer journal, although I'm about to need a new one soon.

The plan for this journal is for our soon to be new daughter. I'm keeping a journal for each of my children, and one day I will give it to them. I have no rules for them really -- just a collection of memories via recorded milestones, journaling, letters of wisdom and guidance, and even pictures. I've kept one for the boys, but unfortunately it was combined. I'm now going to keep separate ones for them all. That way they each have their own special journal specific to their childhood journey.

Here are some excerpts from the boys' journal:

Oh, we love our Saturdays! Koah, you know that Saturday means family fun time! You are currently playing in our front driveway as I write this. You and Kasen in our kiddie pool. You LOVE this and it's the perfect day to do it! It's very sunny, there is a gentle breeze, and there are sweet birds chirping in the tree across from our house. You are running from the top of the driveway and doing sweet toddler cannonballs into the pool. I can't wait until your brother can do this with you. I'm so excited for you boys to have each other...

Kasen, you are starting to walk! Lately, you have said the words: ouch, bye, ball, yes, and dog. You REALLY love dogs! :) Yesterday, you playfully smacked me in the face. I was startled and quickly responded with a loud "OUCH!" You could tell I was upset so you sweetly laid your head on my chest in an attempt to hug me. It was so precious. My heart just melted... 

We are teaching you about helping with chores, taking care of our house, and things of that nature. We are also introducing you to the concept of "earning" the things that you want. It's so important that you both understand that nothing in life is free and you have to work hard for everything -- and not just material things either! Relationships are work. Learning is work. Maturing is work. Work is an opportunity in so many ways...

You get the idea. Some entries are light-hearted while other entries are filled with direction and guidance.

I'm opting for this route instead of a baby book. I like to think of it as an organic way of organizing memories & thoughts! :)

Remember the shelf I hung in the nursery? Well, that is where the journal will live. I figured if I kept it out and on display while she is little then I would be more likely to write in it.

PS - I've also added a few more things to the nursery. I brought in some darker pinks with ribbon tie back for the curtains, a striped blanket from Pottery Barn Kids, and some faux flowers.

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