Monday, September 8, 2014

Lifestyle Photography Challenge: A Love for Reading

This is my second post addressing my new book additions. My inspiration today stems from the two books on the left, Happy Handmade Home and A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. These girls (the authors) are well-known, successful lifestyle bloggers from my home town! And to think I just recently discovered them! Their first book is about photo ideas, and thus inspired this little challenge. These books are worth checking out!


I've been finishing up what was supposed to be a yearbook for our family that has now turned into a two-year-book on Shutterfly. Essentially it's just a bunch of photographs from the events, trips, and activities that we do together as a family throughout the year. I include milestones for the boys, like birthdays and fill the rest of the book collage style. For the collage, I use any other photos that aren't necessarily tied to a specific event. After looking through over two years worth of pictures I realized something. Although our pictures are great, they are not very representative of the uniqueness of our family. They are mostly straight on, posed, smiling photographs. Don't get me wrong, photos like this are wonderful and serve a purpose. 

I felt a longing to capture images of our family doing the real stuff. Real life. Everyday. The sweet details that you don't normally have your camera around for. Hmm, I thought... that's probably why I don't have these types of pictures. So, inspired by my new books and recent desire, I have been challenging myself to capture more images of our lifestyle rather than just the smiles.

I thought I'd share my lifestyle photography challenge with you for a couple of reasons.
1. To encourage you to capture special, candid moments of your lifestyle. (the details, not just the main events)
2. To keep myself accountable.
3. To record all of the special moments that I treasure.

Here are a few shots from our first challenge which we have titled A Love for Reading.

The three of us had been to the library earlier that day. The boys will pick out one or two books themselves, but I usually end up choosing most of them on my own.  I choose books based on their interests: dinosaurs, bears, pirates, etc. The boys are too distracted by the fun toys at the library to actually care what I have selected. It's not until we get home that I get their full attention.

We shared a chair and sorted through our stash!

We read a few of the stories before school.

And I took some pictures (via my camera timer and tripod) while we read them. The boys didn't pay too much attention to the camera since we were engaged in our books.

I had a good laugh checking out the photos afterwards...

Nothing says real life like your little one picking his nose. :)

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