Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lifestyle Photography Challenge: Grandma's & A Puppy

Last week my Mom was on vacation from work. Her typical vacation is usually a stay-cation and she works on her house. We are a lot alike in that way. Since Koah doesn't have school on Fridays we planned a morning visit to Grandma's. She lives about 10 minutes from my house. 

I usually bring my camera along when we visit her. She lives on a "farm" which really just means that she has some land, a white fence, an old barn, and some other farm like features on her property. All of which make for great photography backgrounds. It was super hot on this particular day, so we opted to stay indoors. 

We ate some reallllly healthy McDonald's breakfast that I picked up on the way and then the boys ran around while we visited. I whipped my camera out when I noticed Kasen scooping up her chihuahua, Jersey. Jersey is the perfect size for him and he chased, pet, and toted her around the house the entire time. 

Mom asked me to get a picture of her and the boys on the couch. 

But my little one was too into his dog business. Getting him to sit down was looking like a no-go.

Some how, between the doggy kisses, we managed to talk him into a little rest on the couch. Bingo!

Except for he rested for about 30 seconds. And we managed one decent picture. :)

There ya go, Mom. It's a keeper!

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