Friday, September 19, 2014

What should I do this weekend?

My Dad would have turned 62 this week.
I am 28 weeks pregnant.

This picture is a wink and a nod to him, and a record of how LARGE my bump is becoming.
(We won't talk about the weight gain -- don't go there. Ha!)

He was notorious for saying "peace out" paired with the peace sign. 

And as far as the lil baby growing inside of me, all seems to be well! I've had a smooth pregnancy so far, but I have just entered my third trimester.... and well, yeah. I'm hanging in there! ;)

PS- I'm also forcing fall to hurry itself up... as seen in my wardrobe here. By the end of the day I had to lose the cardigan because temps were pushing 80. Haha!

So, what should you do this weekend?

Cook a special Saturday morning breakfast.
Or better yet, let Dad and the kids make breakfast! Our boys like to help and surprise us with how well they follow directions during the process.

Growing up, my Dad was actually the one in charge of breakfast before school. He never took the simple route. He made a variety of breakfast foods for me... cracker eggs (ever heard of those?), biscuits & gravy, oatmeal, and my favorite -- omelets! He used a combination of stove top and oven cooking to achieve fluffy egg perfection, and I'd request omelets anytime I was home for the weekend during my college days. Mmm, mmm!

Landon started cooking with the boys a few Saturdays ago when I went out to met a friend for breakfast and a stroll through the local farmers market (maybe you saw my instagram pic?). Koah had a blast for sure because he mentioned it multiple times throughout the week.

Isn't is amazing how simple, ordinary tasks can be so special to a child? It's all about the parent's perspective. If we build up a normal event, making it sound exciting and fun then our kids are going to feel that! Kiddos pick up a lot on our attitude about things. (Good reminders for myself here, ha!)

Luckily I was there during the second breakfast voyage, and I snuck a few photos from my comfy seat on the couch. These pictures warm my heart and remind me of the many reasons why I love the first meal of the day so much. 

We had sausage links (easy for the lil ones to cook) and scrambled eggs. I ended up pitching in to make some toast with jelly and coffee. 

Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee = Divine #shamelessfallplug

These are the days when the messes can wait (or in this case be made!) and the memories can happen. Don't you agree? 

Spend time with family. Make some lasting memories. Create a new tradition. 
Have a great weekend!

PS- If you find yourself with some free time, check out these links to DIY and decorating ideas from my Pinterest group boards. Each one speaks to my personal design style, so if we share similar interest I know you will enjoy them as much as I did. 

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