Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY - New Multipurpose Office Art

I love it when one item can serve many purposes. If you think about it, this is not a normal occurrence... which is why I became so excited when I saw this tutorial on my facebook feed. 

You see, besides blogging I also have a small graphic design and photography business. All of which generate income, but are also really fun passions of mine (added bonus). I've been shopping around for a few backdrops that I would like to use for photo shoots with my kiddos. The backdrops that tend to draw my attention have a lot of texture. 

 Texture adds so much interest to a photo. Don't you think?

The painted brick negative space is fantastic. 

And the wood (which happens to be my desk top) is also great for warmth. 

And since we have a lot of lumber around our house, I thought to myself why not make my own backdrop? Right away I knew I wanted to stick with a white weathered look to match my @ and & bookends. I've been looking for ways to bring warmth and freshness into my office as a way to work with the current gray (which I didn't originally love).  Plus, like I showed you above, I already have the light wood tone option of my desk as a backdrop. 

This took me just a few hours to start and finish. 

A quick summary of the process (see above link for a full tutorial with pictures): 
I roughed up and stained 6 boards with Dark Walnut stain. After it dried completely I spread Vaseline in small, thin amounts on various parts of the boards (mostly on edges and a few towards the middle of the boards). Next, I painted the boards with satin white latex paint. I let it dry a bit, but not completely and then used a scrapper to get the paint off in areas where I wanted the stain to show.  Easy! Then I let them dry completely and screwed them all together on the back side using two smaller, thin pieces of wood on each end. These steps are very similar to the DIY rustic headboard I did a few years back.

Can I tell you something? I used the table saw by myself for the very first time ever. I felt so empowered! And now I want to build myself a million things... Oh, dear!

For storage of this decently large backdrop I decided I wanted it to be readily accessible. I plan to use it not just for photographing people, but also for blog pictures. So, I thought "Why not hang it up on the wall?" It's artwork worthy in my opinion.

I also had the perfect spot in my office. The wall is right behind my desk and probably the first wall most people look at when they glance in.

Before, I had this older dresser in there for storage. Remember? Well, that currently is in our garage. It still is full of all my crafting & paper goodies, and I still use it. The office was becoming too cramped and cluttered, and I was starting to not love the design style of the dresser as much. I'd say it had an art deco vibe to it which matched nothing in my house.

So, moving the dresser left me with a blank wall. And the perfect spot for my new multi-functional piece! See it hiding down there?

That was my "Oops, I should probably take a before picture... but I'm to lazy to move the DIY out of the shot!" But hey, credit for the before picture, please!? :)

The new set up, new artwork, plants that are living... they're all working of me!

I feel much more productive these days, and truly enjoy being in my office. Heck, and grateful to have an office at that!

I moved my DIY chalkboard in there. Also a somewhat multi-functional piece. Looks good and gives me visual reminders of all the things I'm working on (obviously not in these pictures though)! 

I catch myself glancing in the office much more often. When I do, there is always a smile on my face!

Hmm, but now for that white french door.... 

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