Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Home Tour

While the fall changes inside our home have been subtle, the changes in our spirits have been grand. 

On a lighter note...

I've been indulging in all sorts of fall eating activities. Really, the works. I may or my not have had a whole box of pumpkin delights. LOVE those things. There is apple cider in my fridge and honey crisp apples on the counter (with individual carmel sauce for dipping nearby). We have already gone through an entire bag of Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee... and well, I'm sure there is more. 

#yum #flavorsoffall #preggoproblems :)

And now that I'm stuffed to the max, I've decided to bring out my fall decor (which isn't much) AND since it's now October -- the Halloween decor as well. Remember my Classy Halloween post? Aiming for that look this year.

I added these rusty orange pillows (Pier 1) to the couch.

And another orange pillow to the nearby chair. Throws become more appropriate this time of year too and this white one (TJ Maxx) is my favorite! It's so snugly and soft.

Naturally the fall magazines are on the tops of the magazine piles. My Mom always decorated with magazine when I was a kid. She would fan them out across a table and people always commented on how nice it looked. I just have piles in the open, so I remember to read them. Ha!

I moved the fall wreath that I crafted to an interior door in our basement because we already had a pretty basket of fall flowers for the front door. It will probably get the boot here soon in favor of Halloween door decor.

I've also moved some of my gold accessories out into the common living spaces, like this gold vase that I used to have in my office (which has changed quite a bit in the last month). 

I usually like to spruce up our entry table just a bit with something festive. This year I filled a lantern with wine corks and put a small pumpkin on top. I also put a small piece of left over orange printed fabric on top of the table for some more seasonal color. 

This is how I roll this fall. Pretty simple... 
And I just recently added a few Halloween appropriate pieces into the mix.

Like miniature headstone figurines that I had from previous years. And a scary little black crow into the flowers that are normally there. Nothing major, but still festive. I believe both the crow and headstones came from The Dollar Tree.

We placed our special jack-o-lantern friend in our living room this year (at least for now) so that the boys could enjoy his face all lit up in the evenings. Did you catch the picture of my son on instagram last night? He keeps asking me if this is the pumpkin that we carved last year.  :)

Can't wait for my younger son to get in on some pumpkin carving action this year. And now that I think about it I'm going to have to make another little wooden ghost to represent our BOO-tiful family as well! 

Happy Fall Everyone! 

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  1. Your home looks lovely for Fall, Lindze! We don't have too much Fall stuff up either since this is actually the first year I'm decorating for Fall!