Friday, October 17, 2014

How to Create Many Plants from Just One

I have always loved the look and idea of bringing nature indoors. I'm drawn to natural fibers and textures, so it should be no surprise that I'm a fan of indoor plants. Now, I certainly don't have a green thumb. I've admitted that in the past.  My free onion plant is no longer with us in case you were wondering. That being said, I have had a lot of success with one particular indoor plant: Philodendron. 

It looks like this. 

This is a very common house plant, known for being really low maintenance.  It's really adaptable to a range of temperature and lighting conditions. I water mine once a week. They seem to handle moisture just fine (I've never had a problem with over watering them), but also won't die off quickly if you miss a week (or two). After a while of growth the plant begins to spill over the edges making it an excellent choice for book shelves or a mantel. 

And the best part? This plant is incredibly easy to propagate. You can create many plants from just one.

And it's as easy as pie to do so! You will need the plant, scissors, a jar or glass of some sort and water. Chances are you will have most of this on hand.

Simply cut a small section off of your existing plant. I usually try to snip off a section that includes at least 4-5 leaves minimum. 

Then, submerge the end that you just cut down into water. Now you just keep the water full and wait for roots to grow. 

This part could take a couple of weeks. They will be distinctively different in color, like in the above picture. I let mine grow out for a while until they twist and coil a bit. 

And usually during this process the plant will begin to sprout more leaves. They start out like a tight little burrito and eventual unfold into a heart-shaped leaf. 

Last step is to simply transfer the plant into a planter or pot with soil. Water the soil, make sure it gets some light, and it should be good to go! 

It's really that easy! 

And I gotta give credit where credit is due... I learn all of my indoor gardening skills from my Mom. Thanks, Mom! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Mine will hopefully consist of building a some baby gear, working on our master bathroom and who knows what else! 

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