Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nursery Update: Crate Book Shelves

Remember my recent crate shelf? Well, that one little shelf has me hooked on the crate look. I want to wall paper my home with creatively designed crates! Gulp. Hang with me as I try to calm that obnoxious desire in small doses instead. 

Drum roll please. We now have book shelves in the nursery... and you guessed it, made from craft crates. Well, sort of. These little crates came from Michael's and apparently are meant for CDs? I'm not really sure how many people still have CD collections, but I'm not in that group. Anyhow, when I saw the size of these crates I immediately thought of the nursery.

I knew that I wanted something to create balance on the other side of the window since I had recently hung the white shelf on the right side. These were perfect. 

I'm a firm believer that you are more likely to read a book if you can see it. Out of sight, out of mind -- but vice versa. Which is why we recently moved the boys' books into our upstairs living room. They don't have a chair or comfortable spot in their room for reading (and my preggo self certainly isn't trying to climb into their bunk beds). 

Only a few small problems to over come with the shelf plan. Fixing the opening at the bottom of the crates AND decided how to actually hang them from the wall. Both problems were solved easily by yours truly. 

Here is how they all came together. 

I glued a piece of craft wood into the bottom of each crate. I just used a little hot glue. I had these on hand from another project and luckily for me they were already cut to size. Many items can work just fine to close the gap if you don't have something like this. I'm thinking sturdy plastic place mats in fun prints might be a fun alternative. (If you went this route you would definitely want to paint everything first. 

I did my painting second, once the glue dried. You might have seen my instagram post a while back? Yeah, that's how long ago I did this project. The hubs was busy with work, and my kids were visiting their Grandma and Grandpa when I worked on this... the painting part at least!  

Once the paint was dry, it was on to the next step: hanging! I used key hole hangers to hang them up. I considered screwing directly through the wood into a stud on the wall, but figured I might want to move them down the road. Also, the wood on the crates isn't the thickest, and I feared that directly drilling a screw through the wood might cause it to split. I found these key hole hangers at Wal-mart in the section by the command hooks. 

And I used my no-husband-needed method to hang these up myself!

I hung one shelf first, and then used my level and a tape line to keep everything even and lined up. See below. 

I'm finding that I'm super picky about what books are allowed to be on display here. Only cute covers with girly or neutral colors and appealing typography. Maybe because it's going to be a little girl's room? 

Now each side of the window has balance. 

But they are sisters, not twins. :)

Next up is finishing the wall above the crib... 
And then. ORGANIZING! Stay tuned. I only have 10 weeks left. Eeek!

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  1. I love how your nursery is coming along!! And those crate bookshelves are gorgeous!! I'm with you on displaying the fronts of the books!

    1. Thanks, Selene! I'm happy with how it's all turning out... ready to get it all finished soon! :)