Friday, October 10, 2014

Rainy Day Online Shopping / Casual Friday

*This post contains affiliate links which means that I make a small commission should you choose to purchase any of these products. This is NOT a sponsored post, and was written only out of personal desire. I only share what I truly love and think my readers will love as well. Thanks!

Well, I was really hoping to show you my latest DIY today, but it's raining. And rainy days don't always make for the best indoor photography. Perhaps it will clear up a little later on, but it's not looking very promising outside my office window.

I do love a rainy day though. Remember my last one? I like to online "window shop" while my boys play nearby. Hey, it's much better than my alternative option of tackling our mail/bill pile. #amIright?

Ko and Kase are getting extra amounts of play time today because my oldest is going on a super special big boy trip with his Aunt for the weekend. I know the boys will miss each other (especially considering some of the prepping conversations we had this week) so I'm making sure they have a blast today. And though I will miss him too, I am really excited.

No, no... not because of the freedom of having only one kiddo for a few days!

Every summer I would stay the weekend with my Aunt, and I recall such fun memories from those trips -- swimming for hours in her pool, going out to eat, and shopping trips galore. Fun stuff!

So, instead of bills today -- shopping! Here are some items that were added to my wish list this morning.

*Disclaimer about the following photos... I realize I probably couldn't fit into half of these right now. In fact, I read earlier that I should be gaining about 1 lb per week now. Awesome. 

Regardless, I thought they were all cute!

Stitched Rainboots - $34.99

from: GroopDealz

It was also raining yesterday and I wore Sperrys to pick up my son from school. They were soaked after a quick run to and from my car. Rain boots are not something I currently own, but I do think they are adorable AND practical!

Knit Baseball Sweater - 2 Colors! - $14.99

from: GroopDealz

Casual tees for me, please! I like how this baseball tee is slightly dressier than most... but I'm pretty sure my bump isn't fitting under there. ;)

Dream Catcher Feather Sweater - $16.99

from: GroopDealz

My moccasin boots and this shirt would equal perfection. Agreed?

Luxury Fall Staple Slouchy Sweater - $19.99

from: GroopDealz

Slouchy is synonymous for comfy in my book, and I couldn't believe this nice sweater was only $20!

Infinity Colorblock Striped Scarf! - $6.99

from: GroopDealz

This scarf reminds me of my blog branding colors and that made me smile!

Heart Monogram Vinyl Decal - Set of 2! - $7.99

from: GroopDealz

Oh the things you can decorate these days! If my MacBook wasn't on it's last day, then I would certainly be purchasing something like this to spruce it up. Maybe for my next one? I hear I might be getting a new computer for my birthday... 

11x14 Chic Antlers Prints - 3 Styles! - $8.99

from: GroopDealz

Chic antler prints. Antler anything is so in, and I don't think we own a single antler item yet. That's just not right!

Tri-Triangle Necklace - $10.99

from: GroopDealz

My jewelry collection could be majorly expanded, but I usually choose to spend my money on other things. Like home decor. Or my kids. Typical. :)

Rugby Pullover Hoodie - $16.99

from: GroopDealz

Stripes. I still crush on them every now and then, but I'm getting better! My closet used to be full of striped items and really nothing else. Oops!

Halloween Ruffle Pants - 2 Styles - $13.99

from: GroopDealz

Ruffle pants for lil girls! Hmm, I wonder if these will still be in style when my lil is big enough?

Scatter Sunshine Printable - $3.50

from: GroopDealz

This print, yes. ESPECIALLY on a rainy day!

Detailed Pocket Baseball Tee! - $17.99

from: GroopDealz

And one more embellished baseball tee! I actually think I could wear this one while pregnant, so that's a win! 

Home Sweet Home Gold Foil Art - $11.99

from: GroopDealz

The shimmer of the gold foil art would be very eye catching, plus it's a non-permanent way to add those trendy gold touches to your home.

And lastly, here is a MOM shirt that I recently design out of a desire to be comfy, but still feel like I tried a bit. I really need more clothes like that! You can purchase it through my shop if you want one for yourself or a friend. (Pretty sure you would win the coolest friend award, just sayin!)

Now that I'm done cruising the web, I really want to either: 
A) Take a nap or B) Watch a movie

Am I the only one who uses the rain as an excuse to watch a movie mid-day during the week? 
Please tell me I'm not! 

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