Monday, October 6, 2014

Warmth of the Season

We spent some of our weekend at a fellowship event for a marriage ministry that we are a part of (Marriages by Design).  There was food, laughter, entertainment, a bonfire, lots of fall decor and much more as like-minded individuals gathered together for a good time. I'm proud of my husband. He shared a quick message based on this scripture:

"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another..." 
Romans 13:8 


I love the warmth that fall brings. The weather itself is usually becomes colder in the Midwest, but I still find the season so heart-warming.  Perhaps it's the beautiful colors...

Or maybe it's the nostalgia and remembering experiences from my childhood.

Or living new moments with my own children -- as they experience many things for the first time. 

Maybe it's the simple beauty of nature, and how it gracefully changes from season to season. 

Or realizing that we as individual do just the same, but instead, often needing grace during the process. 

Maybe we find the warmth of the season in the external around us. 
Or maybe even within ourselves. 

If this fall season means more change for you than just the weather and the decor... 
Then hold no debts. 
Fall in love. Give grace
Over, and over and over. 

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