Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Uh oh. I haven't published a post in over a week. Feeling a little bit like a bad blogger over here. Truth is, last week was my birthday week which is a good enough excuse to take sometime off. BUT I didn't actually do that as I also had a big design project to work on. 

We celebrated my birthday on Wednesday night (even though my bday was actually Thursday) because my mother-in-law had our boys for the evening. We grabbed dinner (and dessert, of course) together and then the hubby took me to a new home store that opened recently in our city. 

We browsed the aisles talking about home ideas and surprisingly we were on the same page. We came to the conclusion that we needed to replace (or add to) our dishes collection with solid white dishes. A whole new set. We also need several new cups, both for adults and kids. And lastly, we would like a rustic sort of sofa table for behind our upstairs couch. It is rather comical how desires change when you own a home and have a family. 

Pssst-- We already have a plan for the sofa table! It involves a furniture hack as well. Not so sure when we will accomplish this, but the plan is solid! :)

We finished the weekend up with a small family baby shower. Yes, the baby is still in there. Growing more and more each week, and I'm starting to run out of clothing that fits. Yikes! 

Check out this cute diaper cake that my sis-in-law made for me! (please excuse the dark iphone photo) So cute & creative. 

After the shower I washed all of the baby's clothes and organized them in the drawers and closet. Since this is the 3rd time around, I'm really trying to be a minimalist when it comes to baby supplies. (I'll share those thoughts in a post soon). 

As far as the mood boards and bathroom status?  Well, most voters opted for mood board #2, but my personal preference is #1. Although #2 is so beautiful and sophisticated, it's just a bit much for my casual laid back personality. I prefer the cozy rustic look over the contemporary glam look. Hubs agrees. Besides painting, the master bathroom project has been at a stand still. 

It all takes time!

SuperChalks Giveaway is in full-swing, and you can enter once daily just by being a reader. There will be 4 winners, so your chances of being one are pretty high! 

Coming up: 
Another giveaway -- Christmas Cash Giveaway! Starts November 14th, so keep a look out for that!

Updates in the basement. It's finally getting some love after these past few years. 

Simple Christmas Decorating. Here are a few posts from last year:  Book Pages Christmas Tree Craft / How to Make Garland From a Bed Sheet 

Nursery organizing. And maybe a new bump picture.

ANOTHER office update & business news. 

And yes, the blog is undergoing a little branding remodel. What do you think? I'm liking it... it's more "me" and that's important! :)

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