Monday, January 5, 2015

Birth Story

Happy New Year! I'm finally back. So glad to have spent some time off to enjoy my family, the holidays and vacation. Now there is tons to catch up on. Emails. Posts. Pictures. You name it! I thought I'd start off by sharing the birth story of our newest addition... 


It was 5:40 am and of course, I was awake before my 5:50 and 6:00 alarms. I wasn't surprised, I had been up at at least 3 times already. Not to mention, didn't go to sleep until 1:00. Anxiety was certainly present.

I stumbled into the bathroom to begin getting ready. I was excited! The long anticipated day was here at last. The more I began to wake up, the more excited I became. 

Halfway through my makeup, my phone rang. Hmm, phone calls at 6:15? They aren't frequent around here. It was the hospitals' number. Oh great... I knew instantly what I was about to hear. A sweet nurse on the other end of the phone informed me that they had too many patients to "safely put me in bed" and that my induction was going to be on hold. I totally understood and was prepared for this by my doctor, but I was still disappointed. Too many plans had been made around this day. Ugh. I left my husband sleeping in bed and finished getting ready. Figured I might as well. The nurse said that she needed to speak with my doctor first to give me any more information. He could say schedule it when you get an opening today or when the shifts change at 2:00 or to simply reschedule it for an entirely different day. I was on standby. 

I paced for a bit. Touched up my nail polish. Read a few blog posts and then slipped back into bed to tell Landon the news. And I cried. I guess I didn't want to feel the anxiety any more. I was so ready for the next step. He quickly reminded me that it's best for baby to stay "in there" for as long as possible, so even though I was disappointed I should focus on that. The man always has wisdom to share, even when he's half asleep. He promised he would handle all of the planning details and asked me not to stress. So, I closed my eyes and attempted to sleep until my kiddos woke up. 

About an hour and a half after my first phone call, I got a second phone call. I painfully popped out of bed to take the call in our bathroom as to not disturb my husband. It was the charge nurse and she had good news! The doctor said he wanted to get me in, and she believed that she could around 9:30. Hallelujah! But since I lived so close, that I should call around 9:00 just to make sure. More waiting and more time to kill. 

My kids woke up and I got to spend a little time with them. An unexpected blessing for sure. I was a little bummed that I wasn't going to see them in the morning with our original setup. My youngest was extra cuddly and loving. Another little blessing. My cousin was still here, as we had all planned for him to watch the boys in the morning. He took over hanging out with them, and I focused on getting my things together. 



I was feeling tired already. 

At 9:00 I called the hospital "just to check" and luckily received news that I wanted to hear... "come on in"! 


We were called back to the labor and delivery room right away. I'd say it was around 10:45ish when the doctor broke my water and the nurse said that I was officially "in labor" as the contractions began shortly after that. 

It was very apparent that they were busy that day. My nurse had another patient that she was caring for in addition to me. She was called away a few times.  We waited on the anesthesiologist who was tending to the other rooms based on their pain levels. The operating room had been very busy as well. All of this to say that progress was slow.

We didn't have a lot going on. It actually felt pretty peaceful and relaxing -- almost as if we were at a spa. We just rested in the low lighting and went with the flow. Landon mentioned how uneventful it had been and how he was ready for some excitement. 

Eventually, I got my epidural. It was different this time than the other two times because I could actually still feel my contractions. In my previous pregnancies, I was completely numb and couldn't feel a thing. This time, I felt more. Not pain, but definitely the pressure of the contractions. I noticed the pressure increasing and becoming more frequent. I asked my husband "hey, do you see a small hill on the bottom of that monitor?"  Yes. I glanced at my phone to check the time. Two minutes later I felt it all over again -- and there was another "hill" on the contraction monitor. Hmm.... Another two minutes later I felt it all again. At this point I was trying to breathe and focus through the pressure of each contraction. I knew something was up, so I had Landon call the nurse in. 

I had dilated from a 5 to a 10 in just 15 minutes, and we finally had the excitement that we were looking for. It was go time! First the nurse went to call my doctor, in hopes that he would make it in time and he did. Just one contraction of pushing and our perfect little angel was born at 2:46. A girl -- I finally believed it. 

Blakely Kaelyn, named after her family. Blakely (her first name) from Blake -- Landon and Koah's middle name. Kaelyn (her middle name) -- a combination of Kasen and Lindze. 

7lb15oz (which is the same birth weight that I was) and 20 inches long. 

We are truly blessed and praise Jesus for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy little girl. 

Momma and baby do an hour of skin to skin after the baby is born. This helps them adjust to their new world and bond with Mom. I loved this! Our boys came up to the hospital to meet their sister during this time, so we weren't really able to get very many pictures to share. Of course they came back to visit many other times -- I needed snacks. And coffee. I snapped this little gem from my hospital bed. They were visiting me before lunch and school. Koah was decked out in his Mario pajamas for Pajama Day... no special visiting outfit, just real life right there (although they did wear "Big Bro" shirts when they first visited). 

Landon stayed in the hospital with me when I had both of the boys, but this time we thought it would be best for him to stay at home to take care of the boys. It was just me and my new little bundle at the hospital which ended up being a great experience. Lots of time to bond. I didn't turn on the television. I just took it all in. Every little thing about her. 

And although it was a great hospital stay, I was anxious to get back to the comforts of my own home. So, we dressed Blakely in the cutest little outfit, snapped a pic and headed out. Family of five. Blessed and happy!

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