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5 Ways to Sleep Better in Summer

Do you have trouble falling asleep in the summer? While the intensity of summer varies from one region to another, summer essentially means longer days, wide-open windows, and loads of sunshine.

As much as we might love this time of the year, the heat can cause countless sleepless nights.

If you want to know how to say goodbye to all that tossing and turning, this article is for you. While we strongly recommend opting for the best bamboo cooling sheets during the warmer season, here are some other tips to help sleep better in summer.

Why Weather Makes a Difference

Humans have an internal biological clock that drives our routines and tells us when to eat and sleep. The number one thing that primarily runs this clock is the external cues of our immediate environment.

Since the winter days are shorter, we tend to hibernate; however, the longer summer days result in a shorter sleep cycle. Besides, the summer heat also contributes to poor sleep; whereas, the summary lifestyle is different, which promotes inconsistent routines.

Let us move on to the list of tips that can help you sleep better during the summer.

DIY Cooler

If you are looking for better sleep during the summer, then heat is a big thing. During the night, your body tends to work hard to regulate its temperature, which is why you fail to get that restorative sleep. That said, some of us have air- conditioners, whereas others don’t. Fans, including ceiling fans, can also work well.

You can also indulge in some DIY projects and create your own natural coolant in the room by using frozen water bottles. This little DIY project works perfectly well for smaller spaces that don’t have much air in them. A bucket full of ice can also do. As the water melts and the cool air evaporates, your room will get cooler, and you can enjoy restorative sleep.

Install Blackout Blinds

The essential benefit of installing blackout blinds is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep the room nice and cool. The blackout blinds will keep the sun out in the morning. Before you purchase the blackout blinds, you must measure the windows and ensure that the blackout blinds line is bigger than the windows. By doing so, you will ensure that you don’t have tiny seams of light entering from the edges of the window.

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Use Light Material

Did you know that some of the common mistakes people make while transitioning from the winter lifestyle to the summer lifestyle are that they forget about their bedding and what they are wearing? That said, make sure that the bedding and your clothes are summer-friendly during the summer.

Ideally, your pajamas should be lightweight and the bedsheets made of summer-friendly materials, such as bamboo sheets and cotton. The underlying motive is to use lightweight, breathable material that will wick away perspiration.

It might not have occurred to you before that you should change your bed linens and use a different material for different seasons. Some people make the mistake of using same-material bed linens throughout the entire year.

Don’t forget to change those big winter duvets to a thinner comforter during summer. We also recommend switching to lighter colors during the summer because it will help wick away the sweat and heat instead of absorbing it.

Help Your Kids

In the summer, the mornings are much louder – the birds are chirping, people are hustling around, and not to mention the morning traffic. If you have kids and they aren’t sleeping, you obviously aren’t sleeping as well. So, to make sure that your kids are sleeping well, you might want to consider using a white noise machine.

Light and sound can trigger alertness. The white noise machine will block out all such external sounds. Besides, you might as well want to dress your kids according to summer, so pay attention to their sleep wearable, bedding layers, and the blackout blinds.

If you don’t have kids and live on your own, you can use earplugs for noise cancellation. An eye mask will suffice to remain asleep and not be awakened by the sharp sunlight.

Learn the Importance of Quality Sleep

Irrespective of the time of the year, it is essential to understand the importance of quality sleep. Not only will your brain function better, but you will also feel happier and in better control of yourself. You can do certain things during the day to sleep better at night.

For instance, you can limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. We don’t say that you must quit these altogether, but you must understand the importance of timing. That said, avoid having coffee after three o’clock in the afternoon.

Don’t skip exercise, even if you are on holiday and enjoying a nice vacation somewhere in the Bahamas. Even ten minutes of daily exercise can make a massive difference. Also, during the summer, keep your meals light and try to consume six small meals (including snacks) during the day instead of three regular meals.

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Final Thoughts

Naturally, our bodies (due to our internal clock) get less sleep in the summer; however, we should avoid picking up those bad habits in the summer and continue them in the winter and get over tired. So, make sure that you follow that 80/20 rule in the summer and protect your sleep as best as you can 80% of your time during the summer.

We all know that summers are all about barbecue parties, we drink more and sleep late, but, 20% of your time, life should happen to have fun in the summer. But, protecting your sleep should always be your number one priority. We recommend including a relaxation routine for an overly active mind, including mediation before bed. A guided imagery exercise might also help.