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Best Burr Grinder Under 50

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We all need coffee. It is one of the many things people find hard to resist. Starting the day right translates to a sip of one cup of aromatic and tasteful coffee.

Best Burr Grinder Under 50

True coffee experts and lovers recommend the use of good coffee grinders in making sure that your coffee tastes perfect. Coffee burr grinders are definitely the to-go-to for this special task. Through perfect grinding, you can release the exquisite flavors and aroma stored in your well-loved coffee beans.  However, delicious coffee doesn’t have to be expensive and paycheck ripping.

To help you find the perfect coffee grinder for you and your taste, here is a list of burr grinders with top-notch performance and budget-friendly cost.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for an inexpensive but high-performing coffee grinder, JavaPresse manual coffee grinder can be the perfect choice for you.

For its price and type, JavaPresse grinds the coffee beans better than most competitors. You can see and even feel a great consistency and fineness in the resulting coffee grounds.

You can also personalize the coarseness of your coffee ground with its built-in grind selector. 18 grind settings are available – ranging from medium-coarse to very fine finish. And the best part is no setting is ever wasted because every type is amenable to brewing.

This manual coffee grinder has ceramic burrs that last longer compared to steel made types. The fineness usually looked for in espresso is also easier to achieve with ceramic burrs compared to the latter.

The grinder is extremely portable and minimalistic too. You can bring it anywhere, even during vacations or just in your daily commutes. It has an almost 90% noise-free operation that makes it even more appealing. Imagine, no one will ever get disturbed with you grinding coffee beans in the same room. Every grind can make one cup full of coffee.

KRUPS GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder


Krups coffee burr grinder also belongs to the top favorites. It is equipped with a powerful motor perfect for all types of grinding jobs.

The electric coffee grinder comes with a flat metallic burr that promises fine-grained and consistent coffee grounds. It works hand in hand with the 200-watt motor to grind the coffee beans quickly and as nicely as possible.

Your choice of coffee beans is definitely limitless with this burr grinder. It can handle any variety with its 9 grinder settings and 5 intermediary steps. You’ll surely find the perfect combination that can satisfy your personal taste.

What more to love in this product is its cup selector feature that allows you to input the number of cups of coffee you want to make. Once you have entered the preferred number of cups, the grinder will automatically process the equivalent amount of coffee beans. The grinder will eventually stop once the required number of cups is met.

Lastly, the grinder is easy to clean and to maintain. It comes with a brush specially made to clean the burr, and a removable container that makes disposal easier.

Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill

Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill

This is another great recommendation for your coffee breaks. With 17 available grinder settings, you can surely make different types of coffee, depending on the coarseness or fineness of the coffee grounds.

Coffee bean grinding is made easier by the ceramic burr mill of this Chefman unit. At the same time, it prevents the undesirable overheating of your coffee beans that consequently leads to the melting and burning of the beans. Obviously, such events will make your coffee taste and smell differently.

Furthermore, the spacious hopper of this grinder is very commendable. In fact, it can hold up to 8 oz of ground coffee beans, which can make at least 12 full cups of coffee. This is recommended to people with big families or even to a regular office pantry

Convenience and ease of use are also guaranteed with this unit. It does not make too much mess and grinding noise during operation. Even cleaning the grinder requires minimal effort with its detachable grinder disk and container.

This model comes with an advanced safety technology that guarantees not only your safety but also the longevity of service of the grinder. You’ll surely get your money’s worth with Chefman.

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee burr mill grinder is designed to produce uniformly ground coffee beans at a very affordable price. It is equipped with a good burr mill technology that conserves the original and pristine taste of your coffee beans.

Like many others, you can choose from its 18 different grind settings that can produce medium-coarse to extremely fine-textured coffee grounds. With this unit in your kitchen, you can brew a cup of French vanilla or espresso whenever you feel like it.

You will find it convenient and reliable too, that you can also pre-select the number of cups of coffee you intend to make. At the same time, the machine will automatically process the equivalent amount of beans to brew the required cups of coffee.

This model has a relatively huge bean hopper and grinding chamber. The hopper can hold up to a half-pound of coffee beans that makes storage one less of your concerns.

Cleaning the grinder is also made easier with its removable hoppers and grinding chambers. Dual safety locks are also put in place, so you’ll feel more secure when grinding and storing the unit.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart DBM-8

You’ll be surprised as to how affordable this coffee grinder is for its superior performance. It is equipped with 18 grinding options that give you as much versatility in your choice of coffee. The machine can provide you with espresso-fine ground up to a moderately coarse finish.

Overheating is also not an issue for this model because of its burr mill technology and automatic shutdown feature once grinding is done. Therefore, you’ll feel at ease leaving your precious coffee beans in the grinder while doing some other chores or work.

This coffee grinder is also well recommended for big groups as it can grind up to 32 cups of coffee. The extra-huge grinding chamber truly provides a secure and safe storage for your coffee grounds.

The parts are also detachable, making maintenance and cleaning relatively easy chores. You can remove residues and dirt from all the corners and spaces of the grinder with no special tools.

This sleek and modern-looking coffee grinder will surely find its spot on your kitchen countertop.


Among these top recommendations, Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill ranks first. Its capacity to grind any variety and produce fine results is something truly outstanding. You can also rest assured that your coffee beans are kept in the best condition with the grinder’s overheating protection.

As for convenience, the reduced noise and mess are very important features to look out for, especially when placed in the office. The storage and maintenance of the product are also very amenable to any type of lifestyle.

Never worry though because you’ll surely get that nice and perfect brewed coffee with any of these grinders.