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Best Electric Range with Coil Burners

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One kitchen appliance you should invest on is an electric range. Sometimes also referred to as an electric stove, the device is considered as the heart of the kitchen, because it allows you—whether you are a casual cook or an aspiring chef—to make various dishes, from one-pot meals and quick stir fries to fancy skillet suppers and hearty soups.

Using an electric stove has many advantages. For once, it is much easier to operate and clean compared to a gas stove. What’s more, it is powered by electricity, so you won’t ever encounter gas leaks when you use it. However, the electric range also has some disadvantages, such as its price.

Luckily, you could opt for a coil surface electric range to save money. A coil surface electric range is a type of traditional electric stove that has metal coils on top that contains wires that are heated with electricity. It usually comes at cheaper prices, so it is a great pick if you are on a tight budget.

Finding the best electric stove with a coil burner can be overwhelming, especially since there are plenty of models out in Amazon today. Here are some of them:

IMUSA USA GAU-80306 Electric Double Burner

 IMUSA USA GAU-80306 Electric Double Burner

Made by IMUSA, this electric stove is ideal for young adults living on their own and families with limited spaces in their home, as it is very portable and lightweight. Measuring 4.6 lbs. and weighing 3.94x22x9.64 inches, it features a space saving design, so it easily fits into most rooms.

The GAU-80306 is specially created so that its knobs and sides would stay cool as you cook. What’s more, it has temperature regulating controls with heat distribution coils, so you can be sure your food would be cooked fast and evenly. It also has non-slip rubber feet that prevents it from sliding or slipping of tiles and a power indicator light that lets you know when the stove is on or off.

This electric stove has a sleek design, so you can be sure that it would look good in your contemporary kitchen. It comes in black and silver, so you have the option to choose which suits your aesthetic.

Boshen Portable Electric Coil Burner

Boshen Portable Electric Coil Burner

Boshen Portable Electric Coil Burner is built for people on the go. This is because you can take it with you to make home cooked meals wherever you are, as long as there is an electric plug. You can even bring it on camper and cabin getaways, because aside from being durable and environmentally friendly, it is also portable.

This electric stove package comes with 16.9×8.3×3.0 cm electric burner and four foot pads. The burner features a high-quality nickel-chromium stainless steel heating plate that allows uniform heat transfer.

It has cooling holes around it that can effectively reduce the internal working temperature of the electric furnace, and an overheat protection function that prolongs its service life. It also has an automatic control function that allows it to automatically shut down when it reaches a certain temperature, so that your food would not burn and the burner would not be too hot for you to handle.

Boshen Portable Electric Coil Burner has a coil tube that is specially shaped to make it more conducive for cooking food. In addition to that, it also has anti-static and anti-vibration design.

Ovente Electric Single Coil Burner

Ovente Electric Single Coil Burner

Have you ever been so frustrated while cooking a holiday feast or a meal for your large family that you wished you had an extra burner? If your answer is ‘yes,’ you should consider getting an Ovente Electric Single Coil Burner.
This electric stove is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used when your regular stove is just not enough. It operates on 1000W, which means you can use it to cook a wide variety of dishes efficiently. Using it, you can make your family’s favorite dishes without taking too long.

It features a 6-inch durable hot plate with a stainless steel heating tube. It also has an adjustable temperature controller, non-slip feet, and a light indicator that lets you know when it is on or off.

One of the best things about the Ovente Electric Single Coil Burner is its durable fire-resistant housing, because it assures you that it would last years. Another great thing about it is that it is easy to clean. You do not need to use harsh cleaning products to get rid of the food drippings, dirt or oil splatters from the burner. All you have to do is wipe any of its non-electrical parts with a damp sponge or a kitchen wipe, and then dry it with a clean cloth.

Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine ESB-300X

Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine ESB-300X

It seems impossible to make good food in a college dorm room, because of the limited space. Luckily, the Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine ESB-300X is here to the rescue.

This electric stove features a lightweight and compact design that makes cooking quick, easy, and consistent even if you do not have much space. At 750W, it also has adjustable temperature control that can be adjusted from three different heat levels. Its high and medium setting is ideal for cooking a variety of dishes, while its low setting is great for warming up food like a buffet range.

In addition, the Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine ESB-300X features a coil burner that distributes heat evenly at all temperatures. It also has a chrome drip pan that allows easy maintenance. In fact, all you have to do to clean is to carefully lift the coils when they have cooled and wipe the drip pan with a warm damp cloth.

What’s more, this electric stove has non-skid rubber feet for stable cooking and cool touch handles that allow you make minor adjustments to the position of the burner even if it’s turned on. It also comes in a packaging that is not only attractive, but also useful. Made from recyclable materials, it is especially crafted to limit dents and scratches during transportation.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to upgrade your existing kitchen setup, finding the perfect appliances is essential. Hopefully, this list of the best electric ranges with coil burner was helpful to you. Good luck in your search!