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Best Oil Heater for Large Rooms

Keeping warm, especially during the winter is an extremely challenging and tricky task. For this reason, oil heaters are truly one of the best inventions of mankind. This reliable appliance can make your usual chilly winter nights no longer cold and freezing.

best oil heater for large room

The oil heater is a fantastic investment. Seemingly expensive upfront, but its effect on your quality of life is noteworthy. It is even more exciting that there are now many powerful oil heaters that can warm any type and size of room with outstanding speed and efficiency.

In this article, we laid out the best selection of oil heaters specially designed for large-sized rooms.

Pelonis Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Pelonis Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater

This Pelonis model belongs to the top favorites for its excellent heating performance, modern-looking design, and user-friendly features.

One of its many great qualities is its flexible temperature settings and heating options. You can select from the model’s three (3) heating options – 900 watts, 1500 watts, and Eco-mode. And by doing so, you can assure that your home’s utility costs do not rip your paycheck.

What is even better is that the heater offers five temperature settings (65 F, 70F, 75 F, 80F, and 85F) allowing you to choose the level of warmth you feel most comfortable with. It is very convenient too that you can make the selection from afar through a provided remote control.

The second-best feature of this Pelonis heater is its safety measures. It has built-in overheat protection and a tip-over safety switch that automatically turns off the heater whenever it experiences overheating or whenever it gets knocked over.

The heater’s quiet operation is something to consider as well. The model promises that no sleep or work will ever get disturbed with the turned-on heater in the same room.

The portability of the oil-filled model is admirable too. It has caster wheels that make it very easy to move around and transport. You’ll definitely enjoy having this heater for the winter.

Honeywell HZ-789 Energy Smart Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Honeywell HZ-789

This is another great choice for the large space in your home. It is equipped with energy-smart technology that enables the heater to perform at maximum while saving as much energy cost. You can even monitor your energy consumption through its built-in energy usage indicator.

The heater’s thermostat allows you to select the most optimum temperature and how long you want to keep such settings. This option always makes sure that you’re 100% comfortable, and that no money is ever wasted on heating bills.

Honeywell has also placed excellent safety measures like over-heat protection, tip-over protection, auto-off timer option, thermally insulated wiring, and durable steel housing that altogether prevent unwanted accidents from happening.

The heater is equipped with user-friendly features that can make your life a little bit easier. The powerful 1500-watt performance of its motor can warm an entire room and maintain a noise-free operation, perfect for any part of your household. It also has a luggage-style handle and easy-glide wheels, making it very portable and convenient to transport.

De’Longhi Dragon Digital Full Room Radiant Heater

De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

This model from De’Longhi has innovative features that re-invent heating experience with oil-filled heaters.

First off the list is its anti-freeze setting that can automatically turn on the heater whenever the temperature hits 44 degrees Fahrenheit and below. This makes sure you keep cold winter at bay, especially in the comfort of your home. It also prevents the pipes inside the heater from freezing out, which can eventually lead to machinery malfunction.

Another good thing about this product is that it allows you to personally set-up the thermostat, timer, and heating options through its digital control. Among its variable heating options is the eco-mode, which promises cost-effective energy consumption.

Some households need not worry about having this heater near their kids and pets because of the thermal chimneys built into this De’Longhi product. This feature ensures that the surface temperature of the heater is kept at a minimum during its operation, which further prevents incidents of unfortunate burns.

The heater is enclosed in a durable, rust-resistant, and maintenance-free steel housing. It also has a thermal shut-off function that automatically turns off the operation whenever the heater’s temperature exceeds the limit.

This heater comes in a very modern-looking light gray color that can blend well in any corner of your home.

Costway 25-inch Oil Filled Radiator Heater

COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater

This oil-filled heater is capable of warming any medium to large-sized room with its 1500W power. With its powerful motor, it can rapidly and effectively increase the temperature up to the optimum.

The energy consumption of the heater is always kept at a minimum with its three heat settings that include an energy-saving mode. Thus, utility cost is reduced while maintaining a cozy and warm feeling in your home.

You may also adjust the temperature using the setting knob allowing you to live with a temperature you are most comfortable with. For such features, you can maintain that optimum living condition even if it’s no longer chilly winter and just an ordinary cold spring night.

Costway also promises that the operation of the heater cannot disturb any sleep or interrupt any work with its silent heating mechanism.

The heater has outstanding customer-friendly features like easy storage and transport. It also takes no hassle in maintaining this product in the long run because of its permanent sealing oil, ensuring you zero incidence of leakage. More importantly, accidents are prevented by the standard safety measures of the heater against over-heating and tipping over.

New Air Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater

NewAir Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater, Indoor Personal Heater AH-450B

This powerful heater from New Air is well-recommended for its outstanding performance during antagonizing winters.

One of its great features is that it has seven fins that can warm any large-sized room evenly and rapidly, especially during the extra-cold days of winter.

This heater makes sure your bills don’t get compromised for your cozy and warm space by installing an eco-mode. By applying this setting on, energy consumption is significantly reduced, effectively lowering your electric bills as well.

The almost 100% noise-free operation of the heater makes you even wonder if you have it in the same room, thanks to its diathermic oil inside the radiating fins.

This space heater also allows you to personalize your comfort by equipping the appliance with intuitive controls and a remote from where you can set the desired temperature and 10-hour timer.

What’s even better is that the heater has smart safety technology that highlights an anti-tip switch and automatic shut-off function during over-heating.

This comes in a black, lightweight design, making it suitable to any space in your home. As for portability, manufacturers installed glide casters onto the unit, allowing easy transport and storage.


Pelonis Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater tops the other four models on the list because of its superior performance, efficiency, and durability.

Its powerful motor does its job perfectly by keeping the entire room warm and cozy, no matter how big and spacious – all the while maintaining utility costs at a very minimum.

Its convenience is also something to look forward to, especially with its easy-to-learn digital control. The safety precautions are on point too! You’ll never have to worry about having kids or pets around.

However, you need not worry because all these five have outstanding features, comparable to one another.