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Best Sewing Machine for Heavy Fabrics

Have you ever looked at a quilt, a blanket, or just any fabric, admiring the fine details and amazing patchwork? For many reasons, it surely is interesting making your own, unique projects.

best sewing machine for heavy fabrics

But mind you, handling and sewing of large and heavy fabrics like quilts and blankets are extremely challenging even for most commercial sewing machines. There are times when your material seems too thick or too big for the machine. Some models are not just cut out to sew your ideas into reality.

Therefore, to avoid making a terrible choice, here are some of the finest and most reliable sewing machines in the market for your next hevy-fabric project.

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother CS6000i

This best-selling and well-recommended sewing machine from Brother boasts of its computer-based operation that offers a wide range of sewing and quilting options. You are free to choose from the 60 different built-in stitches and 7 one-step buttonhole styles.

The Brother CS6000i is indeed reliable in handling large fabrics because of its wide and oversized table that can be detached and re-attached to the machine whenever the need arises. You can also be sure that the dimensions of the free arm and extension table give just the right amount of space to work on your project.

This model also promises a maximum level of user-friendliness. The sewing machine is equipped with an LCD display and stitch selector, which makes sure you select your preferred stitch and style correctly.

You also need not worry about the dark since the sewing machine has a well-lit working area provided by LED lights. The speed of the sewing machine can also be adjusted with its electronic variable speed control.

Another excellent feature of this model is the automatic needle threader that requires less to almost zero effort in threading the machine. You can also be sure that the quality of stitch is consistent all throughout the sewing operation.

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi

Juki has long been supplying the industry with top-notch sewing machines that suit any type of fabric work. One of its top-notch models is the TL-2000Qi sewing and quilting machine that guarantees high-quality performance and long-years of service.

This sewing machine is best recommended for people like you who look for a powerful machine that can handle large-sized quilts, canvas, even thick fabrics. The machine comes with an extension table that provides a spacious work area.

It is even equipped with advanced features like an automatic needle threader, knee lifter, aluminum die-cast arm, and adjustable pressure foot presser.

What sets this model apart from most of its competitors is its almost noise-free sewing operation. No more of the loud and disturbing operational sounds of sewing machines.

Adding even more to the user’s convenience is the installed LED lights that certainly brighten up your working space, allowing you to clearly see the progress of your stitches.

Every model comes with a 5-year warranty, promising longer years of valuable service.

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine


This is another powerful computerized sewing machine from Singer. You can be as creative and efficient with its huge selection of stitches that cater to all types of projects, be it in fashion sewing, quilting, crafting, and simple cloth repair.

The Quantum stylist 9960 has a 600 built-in stitches, 5 alphanumeric fonts, and 3 one-step buttonholes. It also got an LCD screen, mirror imaging, and stitch elongation features that are far more advanced compared to many commercial brands.

Its quick action is also something you’ll love because the machine can perform 850 stitches per minute with any stitch. What’s even better is that this machine is equipped with start/stop and speed control buttons to provide maximum control.

Many models offer automatic thread cutter features, but this Singer model has one of the best. It cuts the threads close to the fabric, saving you that extra time spent on checking and snipping excess threads.

This is definitely a good machine for handling large and heavy fabrics. It comes with an extended table that provides just enough space, plus all the advanced features. Sure, you won’t regret having this as your partner.

Janome 4120QDC Sewing and Quilting Machine

Janome 4120QDC

You can never go wrong with the Janome 4120QDC sewing machine. It has innovation, versatility, and reliability in one strong unit.

This is a computerized sewing machine that has 120 built-in sewing stitches, alphabet fonts, and 7 one-step buttonholes encoded. You can choose combinations and styles that you see perfect for your project. The stitches always look professional and neat, no matter what the style is.

Like many sewing machines featured in this review, this unit also has a thread cutter button that can cut the uppermost or lowermost parts of a thread.

Janome also installed features that make the machine easy and very convenient to use. One example of which is the LED lights that can illuminate the whole working area. The sturdy and stable build of the machine makes it very comfortable and secured to use while working on a project.

Large-sized fabrics are not really a problem for this model. The advanced sewing features plus its available extension table sure makes the job a little easier.

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550PRW

This is yet another powerful sewing machine from Brother. This is a very budget-friendly option, especially for beginners.

This sewing machine has 165 built-in stitches, 55 alphanumeric fonts, and 8 auto-size buttonholes that can certainly give you limitless opportunities to be creative. The quality and final look of the stitches are indeed outstanding.

Skip the time-consuming placement and removal of the bobbins with this model’s top-loading bobbin system. It is also equipped with an automatic needle threader, which makes the job a whole lot easier!

It must be nerve-wrecking at first using computerized sewing machines such as this, but Brother makes sure you grasp the operations very quickly and efficiently. They installed easy-to-use controls and even placed a backlit LCD display that allows you to run down options and settings easily. Every unit purchased also comes with a DVD, containing detailed instructions on how to use the sewing machine.

The model is built with a wide working table and sturdy housing that make it truly reliable, especially when working on large, thick, or heavy fabrics.


These five machines are at par with each other in terms of performance, durability, convenience, and overall quality. However, Brother CS6000i appears to be leading the race a little bit.

Undeniably, this sewing machine from Brother is one of the best. The quality of the stitch is very professional. Its diverse selection of sewing styles definitely cultivates one’s creativity and enthusiasm towards any kind of project.

Computers can scare off some people, especially the elders. However, the machine makes sure that its unit remains amicable to all types of users. The convenience that comes with the machine is unrivaled.

Nevertheless, it’s still up to you to make the decision.  The five products will sure make a good partner during your sewing journey.