Create Coastal Style Design When You Don’t Live by the Beach

Interior Design Styles Create Coastal Style Design When You Don't Live by the Beach

Coastal Style Design is a beach style decor theme that makes your home feel like a permanent vacation. It uses colors and designs inspired by the ocean to evoke the feeling of relaxing at the beach.

The coastal design style can be further categorized into American Coastal which originated from the beautiful beaches near the Atlantic, to Mediterranean Coastal inspired by the turquoise beaches of Greece, Spain, and Italy, to Tropical Coastal which aims to recreate the feel of the Caribbean beachline. Despite their differences, all of these styles share the fundamentals.


The Coastal Style uses light and beachy colors, with white being predominant, used everywhere from ceiling to wall to furniture. Light brown that emulates the beach sand and hues of blue come together to form the basic shades. American Coastal chiefly uses the basic shades with accents of grey or green. Tropical Coastal adds on bolder colors, with greens, yellows, reds, and oranges to create a vibrant look while Mediterranean Coastal uses yellows and earthy shades of terracotta along with pastel blues.

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Natural light is a necessary component of Coastal designs. Large windows, doors, and skylights are used to bring in the sunlight, creating a light and airy feel in the house. The light is further reflected off of the white surfaces, making the spaces appear open and boundless.

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Open and broken plan layouts are preferred for Coastal design as they let the light and air filter through. These layouts make the spaces appear large and connected and along with uncluttered areas, creating a natural flow, in contrast to closed plans that make the rooms seem smaller.

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Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures add character and emphasize your theme while keeping it from being too plain. The key is to not go overboard, especially with American Coastal, which is the lighter of the three styles. Add depth for American Coastal by focusing more on the textures of the materials used, and keep the patterns light and simple. Tropical Coastal is more forgiving to excess patterns, especially plant-based ones. Mediterranean favors a more balanced approach, with textures like stucco and patterns like those on mosaic tiles being used.

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Natural Materials

Coastal style designs use a varied set of natural materials to work with. Light wood is used for furniture and flooring, often weathered or unfinished. The fabrics are mostly linen, muslin or cotton, with rugs of natural fibers like jute and straw. Wicker and rattan furniture are also utilized for this style, as they provide a casual look to the rooms. Stick to these materials for decor too, as they keep the space natural while adding beautiful textures.

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Coastal Decor is an easy way to bring the beauty and feeling of being on the beach into your home. A style that favors simplicity and calm, it makes spaces appear inviting and laid back, filled with natural light and materials. It is a minimal style that works great for social gatherings, as the design makes a person immediately at ease, making conversations flow effortlessly.

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Deborah Torres
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