How to Decorate Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse How to Decorate Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse style decor has stood the test of time in popularity among interior decorators. This single decorating style encompasses the warmth and homey feeling of farmhouse country decor while appearing chic and modern thanks to modern accents. Modern farmhouse decorating is an old apple pie recipe with a new twist that makes it amazing. Homeowners can easily make a few changes to their current decor to adopt the cozy fashion of the modern farmhouse style.

Add Some Varnish

Farmhouse decor focuses on natural furniture, but homeowners can give it a modern twist with some varnish. This easy DIY decorating tip can be accomplished over one weekend and will instantly add modern appeal. Simply use the farmhouse furniture that is already in the house and give it a brilliant shine to enjoy a slightly modern touch.

Bold Hues Are Acceptable

Traditional farmhouse decor focused on neutral colors, such as a nice off-white tone. That same creme color remains popular in modern farmhouse decorating schemes, but homeowners can add bold and bright colors to increase the modern appeal. These tips are exceptional ways to add pops of color to an otherwise neutral room:

  • Pick up some accent pillows in bolder colors, such as turquoise, and tuck them into the corners of an overstuffed couch.
  • Picture frames. Pictures are more than just a display of the latest family portrait. Picture frames make wonderful accent pieces. Add pops from a modern color pallet with a few picture frames on the mantle or end tables.
  • Artwork is an instant way to add character to any room. Pick up a painting to increase the farmhouse vibe or to make a room look more fashionable and modern.

When adding accents in bold colors, it is important to remember that modern farmhouse style requires balance. Too much modern decor will take away from the comfortable feeling that the farmhouse style has become known for.

Old and New

Farmhouse decorating often revolves around older things, such as antiques and repurposing things. Modern decor remains a bit simplistic with clean cut lines and gleaming countertops. Combine both elements to pull off the modern farmhouse look.

For example, a homeowner can have beautiful gleaming countertops with a traditional farmhouse sink. Placing antiques on top of modern tables is another way to bring the charm of both styles together. Combine both older, repurposed things with newer fashions for the ideal look.


Modern farmhouse decor should be sophisticated, not cliche. Often, homeowners get excited about this decorating style. That is understandable. After years of being told that everything must be one style or another, it is a breath of fresh air to finally be able to add elements from various styles with a splash of personality to a home. However, it is important to put thought into this to ensure that the house does not look like a cliche that homeowners will grow tired of within months. Avoid props, stay away from trends like barn doors, and put careful thought into items before purchasing them. Modern farmhouse decor is cozy sophistication.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
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