What Style of Furniture is Farmhouse?

Modern Farmhouse What Style of Furniture is Farmhouse?

Farmhouse furniture is often mistaken for country or rustic, but farmhouse furniture combines a couple styles to provide a cozy appeal with a unique look that is not found in any other style. This gives those that appreciate the farmhouse style the chance to truly stand apart from their neighbors in the interior decorating department. As the farmhouse appeal has gained popularity over the years, several different styles have managed to make their way onto the interior decorating scheme, giving farmhouse several different categories to fall into.

Thinner Wood

One of the primary differences between rustic furniture and farmhouse is that farmhouse furniture has thinner wood while rustic furniture is known for having thicker wood that appears chunky. This gives farmhouse furniture a slightly modern twist that many homeowners enjoy. Despite the twists that have been added to farmhouse décor over the years, the use of wood that is thinner than that used in a rustic style remains the same.

Classic Farmhouse

Farmhouse furniture can come in many styles, including classic. This furniture style is known for elegant lines that instantly remind guests of romantic novels from long ago. It is the closest style of furniture to older farmhouses. Often, homeowners choose to use barn wood for accents instead of other natural materials, and opt for older, vintage furniture for an authentic farmhouse appeal.

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse does not have to mean vintage or appear rustic. As the years have gone by, interior decorators have combined what they love about modern décor with the country charm of classic farmhouse decorating for a unique style that has become known as modern farmhouse. Often, natural materials are still used for furniture, but they are covered in gloss for a magnificent shine. The lines are smoother, the accents are neutral, and this style is made to compliment modern appliances, such as stainless steel stoves and refrigerators.

Other Styles

Although classic and modern farmhouse styles remain the two most popular styles, there are plenty of other styles that have captured the hearts of people. Some common farmhouse styles also include:

  • Cottage farmhouse
  • Country farmhouse
  • Urban farmhouse
  • Contemporary farmhouse

Each particular style is characterized by its different themes and accents. Often, decorators maintain the traditional elements of farmhouse décor, such as neutral walls and natural elements, but add elements of other decorating styles. For example, urban farmhouse décor often consists of adding more plants and antiques, such as a metal baking rack.

Farmhouse is a Style

Farmhouse is its own style of decorating. It is the perfect combination of the comfortable furniture that country themed homes are known for. It remains a bit rustic due to the natural elements that are plush in farmhouse styled homes. Farmhouse style is as comfortable as family, as warm as a freshly baked pie, and as modern as homeowners would like for it to be.

Country Style

Although farmhouse styled homes have their own twists to place them in the farmhouse category, this style can also be categorized as country. The warm, inviting furniture that begs a guest to plop down is not found in abundance in any other style, except for country. Farmhouse style found its origins in the country decorating style, hence why country farmhouse decorating remains so popular.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
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