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Quick Things to Do to Make Your House Look Clean for Guests

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There aren’t too terribly many people out there that get all jazzed up about cleaning a big mess. We all know it’s usually going to take a lot longer than we’d like it to, and we all know that once we are in the middle of it – right in the thick of it – it’s going to feel like a project that just won’t ever end.

How to Clean Your Room Fast

6 Quick Tips on How to Clean Your Room Fast

Thankfully though, with a couple of simple strategies that we highlight in this quick guide you’re going to be able to breeze through cleaning rooms much faster than you used to in the past.

Zero in on the tips and tricks we touch on in this quick guide and you’ll be able to clean your room fast almost immediately, knocking out hours and hours of cleaning projects in a fraction of the time.

Let’s get right into it!

Get Your Supplies Ready First

The first thing you’ll want to do to speed up your time cleaning (and one of the most valuable cleaning tips we have to offer) is to organize all the supplies you’ll need ahead of time.

stock up cleaning supplies

Just the same way that chefs make sure that they have all of the ingredients they need for a dish cut, perhaps, and ready to roll before they even think about turning on a stove burner, you’ll want to be sure that you have your cleaning supplies, your garbage bags, and anything else you need to clean close at hand.

Having everything in a centrally located area that’s easy to reach – and easy to replenish your supplies from – is going to make life a whole lot easier and will speed up your cleaning process significantly.

Knock Out the Big To-Dos

Secondly, you’ll want to quickly address all of the big “to-dos” on your cleaning checklist, the piles of laundry that you’ve let accumulate, the piles of dishes in the sink that need to be addressed, and all the other major pressing points that spurred you to want to clean your room in the first place.

There’s always a temptation to leave these major problems until last, tidying up the clutter and maybe doing a little bit of sweeping or vacuuming before you bite into these bigger issues.

Ignore that temptation

Dive headfirst into these big piles ASAP when your willpower is the strongest. Not only will you have more energy to knockout these cleaning projects fast, but you’ll also get a whole lot more motivation to jump into the rest of the clean out – motivation that would have disappeared if you saved these seemingly insurmountable issues until the end.

Clean From the Floor Up

It’s always a good idea to clean from the floor up, moving things from the floor to an elevated surface, then organizing things from that elevated surface into smaller files or areas, and then eventually breaking those down until everything is neat, tidy, and organized completely.

Working from the top down inevitably has you tossing things all over the place, moving one pile to another space, splitting big piles into other big piles, and generally making a whole lot more work for yourself than necessary.

Pick up your dirty clothes and your clean clothes from the floor or from lower surfaces, move them up into a hamper or a close basket, and then separate them from there. This is the kind of cleaning tip that will make your cleaning project go all whole lot faster and it will feel a lot more organized, too.

Throw Things Out

Every time you cleaned you are going to come across things that you may need to throw out, but there’s always going to be pieces of clutter that you’ll be tempted to save for one reason or another.

If you really want to speed things up and easy way to tell if you should say something or not is think about the last time you needed whatever it is you picked up, and then think about the last time you thought about whatever it is you picked up.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve needed or even thought about the things are waffling on throwing away there’s a good chance it deserves to find a new home in the trash.

This isn’t a universal rule (obviously) but it’ll definitely help you navigate the world of cleaning up faster for sure.

Sweep, Mop, Vacuum Last

Finally, after everything else has been cleaned and organized it’s time to start addressing the decision to sweep or vacuum.

A lot of people feel like they have to make a choice between sweeping or vacuuming when in reality you should probably be doing both!

Obviously, the floor surface that you’re working with will have a huge impact on whether or not you should be sweeping or vacuuming, but when you get right down to it if the floor can be swept and vacuumed (and potentially even mopped) a true deep clean is only going to be possible when you knock them all out together.


Regardless of the final approach you take, you want to make this piece of the puzzle the last one to happen to capture all the dust, dirt, and debris that you want to get rid of.