Ideas For Small Mudroom

Mudroom Ideas For Small Mudroom

A mudroom is typically the secondary entrance to a home that the family uses where they can stash their hats, coats, shoes, and other gear out of the view of guests. This is one of the rooms that a lot of the historic homes didn’t have and many people today who own these homes desperately want to incorporate.

It’s a very useful, much-loved, overworked space that keeps the other parts of the home organized and the family operating in a much more efficient capacity.

But what are some key components for the ideal mudroom?

In order to have an effective mudroom that works efficiently for you and your family, there are key elements that need to be included so that being organized comes easy for those living in the space.


Everyone, including the little ones, need a place to hang the various different pieces of outerwear including, scarves, hats, coats, and even umbrellas. If you don’t have a specific ‘mudroom’, you can begin small by simply adding a row of hooks to an area of your house; multiple rows would maximize the existing space.


Essential to a mudroom is some type of a bench as the first thing anyone wants to do after they come home from a long day, and prior to entering the rest of the house, is to sit down and remove your shoes. A nice addition would be a boot tray or shoe rack under the bench for easy storage.


An optimal mudroom consists of open lockers or a set of cubbies with one assigned to each member of the family so they have their own designated, organize space. There is ideally a lower area for the shoes, hooks for the outerwear, and a higher area for seasonals.


Occasionally, there is a mudroom complete with a closet in order to house equipment such as sports items, utility storage, cleaning goods, holiday items, and various different miscellaneous things that you want to keep organized.


A lot of laundries and mudrooms are being combined. It’s the perfect place to throw the dirty clothes and take care of cleaning up without getting it all over the rest of the house. It’s also nice to have a sink in the room to do clothing that needs to be washed by hand or for other purposes including pet baths, gardening, or craft projects.


It is a really good idea when you have a mudroom to have a tile floor in the area for all of the dirty shoes and boots that are going to be coming in from the outside. It’s durable, super easy to clean, and makes the most sense. It’s also going to be cold when you come in and take your shoes off, so it’s smart to make sure and have a good source of heating in the mudroom to take the chill off.

It’s unclear how people survived without mudrooms in homes long ago, but these days, they are an essential addition.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
I fell in love with home decor and interior design in the summer of 2015, when I joined an interior design company as intern. Little did I know then that a few years later, I would still be as passionate about interior design so I created this blog. Writing many posts to help others to achieve the design they like.

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