How to Bring Industrial Chic Into Your Home

Interior Design Styles How to Bring Industrial Chic Into Your Home

Industrial Style Homes owes its roots to the factories and warehouses of the early centuries that were purely function oriented. Once used to house large amounts of machinery and people, these buildings featured bare walls of bricks and exposed pipes.

Over time, as the cities grew along with the population, these long abandoned lots were tried to be repurposed by a few. These buildings featured large open areas with extensive windows, brick walls and concrete flooring, and in the hands of skilled architects and designers, the worn out spaces turned into large studios and homes with a lot of old world character.

By choosing to keep the Industrial Architecture and pair it with the right materials, these spaces became a work of art, starting a trend that became Industrial chic.

To bring Industrial Style into your home, here are the key factors you need to consider.


The starting point to having an interior in the Industrial style is to have the right base materials. While concrete, steel, and brick are considered the foundation materials to the design, even wallpapers with the brick pattern or concrete finish tile or paint can be substituted for the actual materials. Unfinished wooden ceiling or walls work great, so does wooden flooring in the right shades. Steel or metal finishes can also be given to your pipes or furniture and accessories.

How to Bring Industrial Chic Into Your Home - Material
Photo Credit: Instagram @vizline_studio


Furniture in metal, wood, and concrete are also used in creating the perfect look. A wooden table with metallic legs or a grey granite kitchen counter with wooden cabinets all works really well with the theme. Salvaged or recycled and reupholstered furniture add appeal, especially if it comes with history! Create warmth in the style using an occasional leather seating or a plant. The furniture styles should be simple, to create the bare yet beautiful look.

How to Bring Industrial Chic Into Your Home - Furniture
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The Industrial theme leans heavily towards the greys, browns and neutral colors. They rely on the materials for their natural color and character. Bring in light using light greys, whites and blond or neutral wood. Combine these with darker greys and blacks in limited areas. Keep the bold colors to areas you want to call attention to or make a statement.

How to Bring Industrial Chic Into Your Home - Color
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An open plan defines the industrial style like no other element, keeping in line with the original industrial architecture. Open plans with high ceilings make the house appear more spacious. Choose to define areas or break up the space using furniture like a bookcase or an island kitchen, thereby maintaining the look while not making the rooms look massive.

Accessories and Fixtures

Use accessories and fixtures to bring about more play or define the style. Exposed piping and ducts spell industrial even on a white wall. Bring about an accent color using a pendant or floor lamp. Or turn the look a bit luxurious with metallic finishes, like a gold edged mirror. You can also DIY a industrial hanging lamp like the photo below.

How to Bring Industrial Chic Into Your Home - industrial chic lamp

Industrial style homes are popular due to the fact that it is minimal by nature, and is all about embracing and highlighting the natural beauty of the existing materials.

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Deborah Torres
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