Ideas For Your Next Master Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Ideas For Your Next Master Bathroom Remodel

Along with the living room, bedrooms, and the kitchen area, having an impressing looking master bathroom is equally a great idea. Not only your desire of having a beautiful looking bathroom is achieved, there are also a number of other benefits to it.

If you wish to put up your house for rent, you can surely attract tenants easily and also can get a good rent for your house. Also, if after a couple of years, you wish to sell off your house, you can get a good deal of it because you have not only a modeled kitchen of rooms but also a great master bathroom too.

11 Best Ideas For Your Next Master Bathroom Remodel

If you are looking for design options that can make your master bathroom look fresh whenever you enter it, here are some of the amazing impressive ideas and that too in an inexpensive way.

The Floating Vanity

If you had a cabinet area in your bathroom that is taking up much of space and is looking messy, you can replace it with a floating vanity. This type of a sink vanity not only looks stylish but also makes your bathroom look a bit spacious.

Also, it offers you the required space to clean up the floor, and also the vanity from all the sides.

Source: @lxfxco

The Panoramic Video

Everyone wishes to have a resort style bathroom to relax and have a spa session. Now, you can absolutely recreate it at your home itself. Install a sunken bathroom at one end near the wall. Now, replace the brick and mortar wall with a glass one and make sure that the wall is facing the garden view of your house. You can out up curtains to add up privacy too.

Source: @mlinteriorssouthflorida

The Sparkling Bathroom

Everyone loves sparkles on clothes, accessories, and now also in decorating your house. There are so many people who love to add a tint of sparkle in the bedroom or in the living room. If you are so much in love with the sparkles, you can also try it out for your bathroom too. You can install sparkled white tiles for the bathroom to get such an impressive look.


The Airy Escape

Are you looking for bathroom ideas that can be not only spacious but also quite airy?

The white marble options for your bathroom is the perfect one to make your bathroom look bright and also to get an illusion of spaciousness in the bathroom.

To add up airy atmosphere in the bathroom, you can add up wide windows with glass of fabric. This will let the sun and air enter the bathroom so that it can have a fresh atmosphere all the time.

To get that privacy, add up white colored curtains in the windows.

Source: @valley.acrylic

The Chic Flooring

Normally, the look of any bathroom remains white. But there are a number of people who love to add colors to this simple-looking bathroom area.

One of the best ways is to install colored tiles on the floor. There are also a number of people who prefer to paste floor papers that are of chic design and quite bold in colors.

Source: @carnivalofcolour_

The Ergonomic Design

If you have a huge space to set up your bathroom, you can actually make use of the area to provide your bathroom an ergonomic design touch. You can separate the toilet area and the bath area making use of glass sliders or even curtains.

There can be a left over open space that can have the sink countertop and also a sitting place. This space can be also used to keep up appliances such as the washing machine or a cabinet to store towels and grooming stuff.

Source: @nathanschroderphoto

The Opulent Look

Do you love your bathroom to be bright all the times? If you have big windows, you can get the brightness due to the natural light, but the same does not stay up post darkness.

One of the tricks that you can use is of adding up artificial lighting. Create false ceilings that you can deck up with ceiling lights.

Also, you can add up lights beneath the sink or somewhere in the corner that cannot be seen easily but can illuminate the space.

Source: @aither.interior

The High-Tech One

When technology is entering in almost all spheres of life, it is no wonder if it is entering in our home designs too.

There are a number of people who love to get a high-tech bathroom with automatic sink taps, sensor lights, and so on.


You can make use of the LED lights also if you are not looking for the sensor lights. Both of the types are great in saving energy. Add up accessories such as rectangular mirrors, metal adornments for the countertop or the walls, and so on.

The Integrated Sink Option

You can do a lot of experiments in the bathroom and the sinks are one of the elements that you can try out experimenting. You can make use of the integrated undermount sinks that comes up with very low maintenance. Get a proper mirror on the wall above the sink and get a wardrobe below it. This creates more space in the bathroom so that you do not have to scatter things here and there and also it enhances the look of your bathroom.


Painting The Walls

Most commonly, the walls of the bathroom are painted white. If you are a colorful person, you can obviously ditch out this tradition. You can add colors to the wall such as adding up a bold shade on one wall or adding up designs on different sections of the walls, and so on.

Source: @regardsetmaisons

The Granite Look

Who says that only thing that can be used in bathroom for the countertops is marble? You can also make use of granite and that too of different patterns and colors to get your huge countertop built for the sink and vanity area.

Source: @splendor.shower.door


So, there are so many different options that you can have for your bathroom designs. The list just does not end up here. There are so many other options that one can try out such as the installing of the shower accent tiles, built-in seating, option for waterproof television, refinished bathtub and many more.

Just have a check out of your bathroom needs and remodel your bathroom in the way that can make it look the best.

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