Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas

Bedroom Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas

Having a master bedroom in a lavish and luxurious style is almost everyone wishes to have. It is not necessary that you need to spend a handsome amount of money each time to get your bedroom remodeled.

There are some of the small things that can offer you an luxurious master bedroom in your house.

11 Great Master Bedroom Ideas

Here are some of the options that you can make use of to remodel your bedroom in the best way.

Seating Area

Seating arrangements can make your bedroom a bit of lavish. It also gives an impression that your bedroom is quite a big one.

You can either have a seating arrangement such as a couch at the end edge of your bed or arrange for sofa set at one corner of the room. It is not necessary that you need to get the seating arrangements as a set along with the bed.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Seating Area
Source: @millhavenhomes

The couch or the sofa set does not need to be matching but make sure that it compliments your bed and matches the decor and theme of your bedroom.

Create a Blanket Impression

Sometimes small things can create bigger impressions. One of the example is the blankets on your bed. The fur throw blankets are something that provides a luxurious feel to the bedroom.

Put up a light shade bedsheet on your bed and put up a fur throw blanket either spread out on the bed or even you can fold it to keep it covering half of the bed.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Create a Blanket Impression
Source: @co_interiors

Most of the times, such blankets attract attention and hence this offers a royal feeling whenever someone enters the room.

Contrast With Bright Pop-Ups

Whether you have a light shade theme in your bedroom or you wish to have a darker one, having a tint of bright pop-up can make a change in your theme.

You can have a combination of orange color with white color cushions or pillows on your white bedsheet.

You can also add up bright yellow colored curtains for the windows over the white colored or other light shade walls.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Contrast With Bright Pop-Ups
Source: @teamtonkin

Neutral Colors

If you are not someone who wish to have bright colors in the room, you can perform experiments with the neutral colors.

There are so many different shades of neutral color such off white, grey, brown, and so many others that you can make use of in your master bedroom.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Neutral Colors
Source: @johneatonhomes

You can have a combination of these various colors in your bedhead, curtains, couches, and many others.

Having the right colors used in the right place offers a perfect master bedroom set up.

Vintage Decor

If you are willing to have a vintage decor, you do not have to try much for it.

Adding up a few portraits of silhouette can provide you the warm feel of the vintage.

Dark Walls to Balance White

Though that the bedroom should have sober shades, there are some exceptions that you can come for sure.

If you have white ceiling and white tiles on the floor, you can try out having dark colored walls such as navy blue or teal green.

Match up other things in the room with this color such as the edges of your bed, the chair, a carpet between, and so on to offer a perfect luxurious look to the bedroom.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Dark Walls to Balance White
Source: @bethanycarmichael_

Canopy Bed

This is something that always works well if you can get the right style.

This type of a bed in the center of the room is enough to provide your bedroom a lavish feel.

Compliment the canopy curtain with chairs of the same shades and so on. You can add up a vintage lamp on the side table to bring out the look even more.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Canopy Bed
Source: @jubarender

Wallpaper Option

If you are not sure about the dark paints on the wall, you can try out wallpapers for your bedroom. Another great advantage about using wallpapers is that you can get also a variety of patterns in it.

You can either make use of plain dark colored wallpaper or patterned wallpaper on the walls of your master bedroom to make it look different and creative.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Wallpaper Option
Source: @marikoreed

Wood Work

There are so many people who love the wood work in their bedroom.

You can either have wooden flooring for your bedroom or have options such as adding up huge wooden wardrobes on one wall and an accent wall at the bed head side.

Keep the colors of the walls subtle such as bright colors and this will bring out the wooden designs even more.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Wood Work
Source: @koj_design

Art Pieces

If you are an artistic person, you can add up some art work in your room such as big portraits of artwork on your white wall. That’s it and you can keep other things as it is and well arranged.

Whenever you invite someone at home, you can put up light colored sheets and curtains that will bring out the color of the artwork on the wall much more and will make the master bedroom look quite appealing.

Plant Effects

Sleeping in the laps of greenery is something that is quite soothing. But it is quite difficult to achieve that in your home, you can try to bring nature through themed designs.

Try pasting grass wallpaper on one wall to create that green feeling. And can use artificial planters such as hanging shrubs, creepers and so on.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Plant Effects
Source: @graciestudio

There are many people who also make use of the real plants in their bedroom. But you need to take care of plants properly. Take note you need to choose out the right plant as many of them will releases carbon dioxide in darkness.

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom With Great Ideas - Plant Effects
Source: @_mrs.farren_


There are so many ways you can remodel your master bedroom. Getting the right bedroom not only offers you a place to show off but also it offers you to have a peaceful sleep each night.

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