What Is Modern Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian Design What Is Modern Scandinavian Design?

Lack of clutter is the standout feature of the Scandinavian design along with natural colored walls, wood floors, clean lines, and modern furnishings for a fresh aesthetic. This style offers a combination of beauty, simplicity, and above all else function. The harsh winter that is experienced in this region puts the design focus on utility and simplicity above decoration.

Common Features Within A Modern Scandinavian Design

There is a purpose to each element within a modern Scandinavian Design. White walls emphasize natural light with no window treatments to allow the light to flow in through the windows, no carpet for ease of care with the natural wood flooring in the harsh winter weather, and no fuss, simple layouts. There are several features that identify modern Scandinavian design. Let’s look.

No carpet

There is typically no wall-to-wall carpet in a Scandinavian design with wood flooring used as an alternative. This is much easier to care for particularly given the harsh winter weather that the residents are subjected to. There are oftentimes sheepskins or throw rugs used to soften the different spaces.

Soft colors

The winters in Scandinavia are notoriously long and dark meaning the interiors need to be kept light and bright with most choosing to paint white walls or other soft, understated colors.


Scandinavian design consists of a great deal of wood whether it be on the floor, cupboards, walls, or with the toys. In keeping with the theme of soft, light colors, most of the woods that they employ are of a light nature such as ash, beech, or pine.

Clean Lines

There won’t be a lot of ornamentation or adornment found with Scandinavian design. Much more common with this style are clean, modern, solid pieces which define the overall style as a whole.

No clutter

In general, Scandinavian homes were typically small in nature and would not house a large amount of things. They are built much bigger now allowing for more possessions, but the concept of keeping a clutter-free space with no mess has remained a concept within the Scandinavian design.


Simple toys are seen in playrooms made of wood or tents that consist of fabric and dowels in order to stick with the concept of practicality and simplicity.


Natural light serves as a decorative element in the Scandinavian home as there is so little of it. Residents do what they can to maximize this by either not using any window treatments or using sheer or translucent varieties as a means to allow the light to pass through.


Scandinavian design is very nature-focused and many homes are fraught with plants in order to bring life in.

Scandinavian design has become renowned for its utility, simplicity, and overall beauty. There is a pared-back, purity to the style that is focused on warm functionality, flawless craftsmanship, fresh clean lines, and an understated elegance. Using light is very important with this particular style, with a majority of homes being characterized by their earthy muted shades, organic natural materials, and minimal but distinct details.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
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