How to Achieve Scandinavian Design Style

Scandinavian Design How to Achieve Scandinavian Design Style

Scandinavian design style consists of designs that originated from the three countries of Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Over time, designs from other Northern European countries like Finland and Iceland have also fallen under that umbrella. The style is characterized by minimalistic and functional objects and spaces, with cues from taken from nature.

The early 20th century saw design styles like Bauhaus and Dadaism that rejected the ideals of superfluous designs, showcasing wealth. By the 1940s, a series of designs from Scandinavian countries that focused on democratic design began to emerge.

Designs that focused on excessiveness and complexity to display social standing were shunned in favor of functional designs that were available to all of society. These designs focused on comfort and making use of local crafts.

The Scandinavian interior style slowly took over the world from then, emphasizing practical designs that worked through the European harsh winters, making the home as comfortable as possible and bringing nature in.

Though not everyone has to deal with long winters, the Scandinavian style brings about a sense of simplicity and calm, which has made them popular.

So, to style your home in the Scandinavia style, focus on these elements.


The Scandinavian style uses a mostly light canvas that brightens the spaces. The rooms are usually in muted and neutral shades of off white, gray, blue, etc. The whole space does not use a multitude of colors but instead focuses on three to four key colors.


The furniture also follows this palette, with light wood and white being the most common furniture shades. Accent it by throwing in a cushion with a pop of bright yellow or so, and you’ve achieved Scandinavian color zen.


Nature plays a very big role in this design style. Most furniture is made of wood and is often unpainted, so as to bring forward the beauty of the grain. The painted pieces too are chosen so as to go with the color palette. Plants are another important part of styling the room.

Photo Credit: Instagram @sandradeco__sweet_home

The objective of Scandinavian design has always been to create a cozy and natural retreat, and indoor plants are the best way to do it. Adding plants not only creates the perfect balance to the light and airy environment, but also helps in achieving calm. To take it up a notch, fresh flowers can also be added on a tabletop or two.

However, like all things, the plants and flowers need to be kept in moderation, as overdoing it will take away from the balance created through the other elements.

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While Scandinavian design is not about getting rid of all your belongings, it does require that the spaces are uncluttered and the designs minimal. The clean, sleek design aesthetic is achieved by using more practical furniture that can be multifunctional. This reduces the unnecessary clutter, and the clean profiles of the furniture make the room appear more visually appealing.

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Follow these guidelines to easily create your Scandinavian style room and let your home radiate with happiness and comfort!

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
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