Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall

You are about to welcome home the best TV as per your choice. So, are you going to install this on just a simple wall?

Of course, you should create some drama at least so that the focus can be on the TV and also the decor that you have set up for the wall that is booked especially for your new TV set.

Basic Wooden Set Up

The wooden set up is the most basic one but this can be also done in the most interesting way with a lot of twists and turns. The whole wall can be made up of the wooden texture on which the TV can be set up. Try to set up the TV on one side of the whole wall and not in the middle. The left out space can be used up to hold some other decorative options such as photo frames, lamps and also planters.

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - Basic Wooden Set Up
Source: Pinterest

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - Basic Wooden Set Up
Source: Pinterest

Add Up A Library Set-Up

If you have a love for reading, you can always show it up to the people coming up in your home. The best way to show your collection of books is in your living room. Set up your TV on the wall with a wooden texture. Beside this texture, install a huge library open cabinet where you can put in all the books that you have.

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - Add Up A Library Set-Up

TV Backlit Option

If you have brought home a huge TV, you will wish to show it off to the guests coming home of course. But how can you show it off when the TV is not on. One of the finest ways is to get a set up with a backlit option on the TV. This generally comes on a wooden texture on the wall and the TV is set up in the middle. When the TV is not on, there is still a backlit that is on to attract attention of the people in the area.

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - TV Backlit Option
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Panel Backlit Option

You can also get an option where you can have backlit in your wooden panel on which the TV has to be installed. When you have such an option, you can also use up the floor under the set up where you can create a platform to keep some decorative items. Make sure to keep some good decorative items because the backlit from the panel will act as a focus light over them.

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - Panel Backlit Option
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Keeping It Simple

There are a number of people who wish to have a simple set up that can look decent yet impressive. One of the ways is to install the TV on the wall and then create a base unit just beneath it. You can keep luxury items such as expensive vases and other decorative items on this unit.

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - Keeping It Simple
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Textured Wall

If you do not wish to make use of a wooden or marble pattern on your wall especially for the TV and yet wish to have something different, you can experiment with your wall texture. You can have one of the walls texture with options such as brick texture or stone texture and get the TV installed on it.

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - Textured Wall
Instagram @evershinewalls

Top 6 Ideas To Decorate Your TV Wall - Textured Wall
Instagram @fabricahb

Having a TV is quite obvious in every living room now. But setting up in a luxurious way needs some good planning and the tricks can actually bring in new designs home.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
I fell in love with home decor and interior design in the summer of 2015, when I joined an interior design company as intern. Little did I know then that a few years later, I would still be as passionate about interior design so I created this blog. Writing many posts to help others to achieve the design they like.

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