What Is Transitional Style and How to Get It?

Interior Design Styles What Is Transitional Style and How to Get It?

Though the term transition refers to a shift of anything, it has a different meaning when used for the interior designing concept. In simple words, the transitional style can be explained as an option that is a combination of both traditional as well as modern designing.

A number of people have this question of why exactly such transitional design is in need. One of the most common answers to this is the trend. The transitional style is high in trend today because people do not have to choose from the modern and the traditional styles completely.

You can conveniently keep both the styles and can have great interior design. But this does not mean that it is going to be an easy task. Having a transitional style for your interior also needs a good amount of planning.

Creating The Style

Having a transitional interior style can be quite confusing but with good planning, things can fall into place.

For the Dining area, you can always get a contrast in between the furniture along with the upholstery or even with the lighting. This means if you are having traditional furniture, you can have modern upholstery and so on.

What Is Transitional Style - Dining Area
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What Is Transitional Style - Dining Area
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Again for the kitchen, you can use the same trick. You can have a modern countertop and can match it up with traditional cabinets. You can also have a combination of both traditional as well as modern light fittings.

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For the bathroom, there are so many things that can be experimented with such as the bathtub, the tiles, the slabs, the light fittings, and so on.

What Is Transitional Style - Bathroom
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When it is about the bathroom, you should make sure while you are combining both styles, they should look in sync.

What Is Transitional Style - Bathroom
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If you already have a living room designed as per the traditional style, you can add up a tint of modernity with the help of modern chairs, fabrics of neutral shades and so on.

Source: @brassinteriors

The Mixing Concept

Many people may think that the transitional style is all about just mixing up the traditional with the modern style. But it has to be understood that having a wrong mix can actually ruin up the whole scenario in place of making it look transitional. Hence, it is important to have an idea about how to do it before you take a dive in the designing.

Make sure to get neutral shades for your interiors so that it can match up with both the styles. Also, having a neutral color will allow the furniture and the accessories in the room to get more focus. This way, you can get encouraged in experimenting with different furniture ideas in the room.

What Is Transitional Style - Neutral shades
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Another idea that can really help is that is making use of various elements such as glass, wood, rattan, lacquer, metal, steel, and fabric in the interior of the room. Again these textural elements are great because they go great with both the modern as well as the traditional furniture and elements.

What Is Transitional Style - Mix elements such as glass, wood, rattan, lacquer, metal, steel, and fabric
Source: @falkephoto

While you are having a transitional design, you need to make sure that you have a much lesser amount of accessories in the house. This is because if you keep many accessories, people will get confused and will not be able to focus on the major elements. Putting the furniture, light fittings, and the fabrics to the focus will allow the people to understand the combination and hence will bring in the real look of the interior.

What Is Transitional Style - lesser amount of accessories
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If in case you are an art lover and wish to put up artistic accessories and similar elements in the room, you should do it with proper planning. One of the best things that you can do is to paint up a huge wall in bold color and then put up all the smaller accessories on it. This helps in keeping up the focus on the furniture and also helps in highlighting the elements that you wish to show off.

What Is Transitional Style - artistic accessories like wall art
Source: @styledbydi

Hence, transitional design is great in bringing in both traditional as well as the modern styling home. With a bit of planning and imagination, you can transform your house into a real cohesive masterpiece. Of course, if you are confused and are not sure of how to do it, taking help from the experts is the best thing that you can do.

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