Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Essentials for a Cozy Living Room

After a vacation, a lot of the memories that you have are of the things that you did and the things that you saw. I have fond vacation memories of playing board games, going rafting, going hiking, going skiing.... paired with memories of breath-taking mountain views, huge grassy fields, and soft sandy beaches.  I can still picture some of my favorite views in my head from vacations I took as a kid.

I say all of that because those memories make up our experience, and they are similar to life at home. Vacation is similar to life at home? Yes, if you choose to experience it that way. 

When I think of my house, I think of my family. I think of comfort and rest. I also think of the fun things we do in the different areas of our house. For instance, upstairs is where a lot of life happens. Cooking, getting ready, prepping for school, sleeping, etc. Downstairs is where we relax. We have wood fires in the fall and winter. Watch movies in our media room, and play lots and lots of Lego's in our playroom. 

And certain areas of our house represent each of us as individuals. 
The media room represents my husband. He has his computer set up, movie set up, sound set up... the works. It's his man cave. 

The playroom represents both of my boys... a beautiful mess. :) It's well played in. And there is a lot of evidence of imagination and creativity left all over the floor at times. 

My office probably represents me the most, but I have a lot of "me" in the whole house as I am head decorator around here. The office has pink though, so it wins. 

BUT if I had to choose my favorite view... "picture from vacation"... of our home, 

I'd pick this one:

So, let's talk about why. Besides the fact that it's one of the "finished" rooms in our house, I love it because it just feels so... cozy. There are a combination of things that I believe make a living room feel comfortable. 

1. Personal/Family Items - Represented in this space by the "M" and small framed photographs. The faux hydrangeas also have sentimental value as they are from my wedding. 

2. Texture - I think texture adds interest and warmth to a space. Our storage baskets, rug, throws (not pictured), and even our carved wood floor represent texture in this space. 

3. Entertainment - There has to be a reason to spend time in that space, whether it's reading, talking, watching television, or things of that nature. Our television, books, magazines, and even our couches represent that. 

4. Artwork & Decor - You have to REALLY love them, and if you do then they will add character and interest to your space. If you don't really love them, well they will just bug you or make you question yourself every time you see them. Our lanterns, canvas, clock, and vase represent that in this space and we do LOVE them. 

5. Something extra - Meaning, a little (or larger) element that take your space to the next level... usually something custom. In our case, the 10 foot barn door by the stairs. Not everybody has one, and it seals the deal on the space for us. 

The barn door is cool, right? If we ever moved, I'd be sad to leave it.

 Sometimes I have anxiety when it gets messy... one of the reasons all toys are now in the toy room (downstairs). It's nice to have at least one tidy space. I really do love this space.

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