Friday, April 17, 2015

Decorating Inspiration at Local Thrift Stores

A few weekends back, I decided that I needed to take a break from my day-to-day routine for some quality time with my Mom. We agreed to meet early one Saturday morning to go scour some local thrift stores in our city. Our city's thrift stores are top notch! 

The multi-tasker in me decided that I needed to use the hang out time with my Mom as an opportunity to practice my photography skills in weird lighting situations, so my trust camera was along for our shopping trip. Yes, it was a little odd for me to have my camera out inside the thrift stores and yep, the workers asked me what I was photographing (they didn't mind, just were curious). Slightly embarrassing, but whatever! 

We discovered that people who rent thrift store booths either do one of two things. They either fill it with complete randomness without any rhyme or reason. OR They decorate their booths with a style and theme in mind. I felt like I learned a thing or two about decorating from those booths. Plus, I found a tons of items that fit my design preference these days. I love chippy wood, whites and neutrals. 

The absolute best display that we experienced was an entire room that was set up just like a bedroom. A big, beautiful bed was positioned in the corner -- complete with a darling night stand and lamp. It drew us right into the space! Additionally, this room had a delicious warm fragrance throughout thanks to a wax warmer. It was a nice juxtaposition to the old smell we experienced elsewhere. 

Even though I told myself I wasn't going to get anything, I did. We both did, actually. My will power was weak as I justified my purchase as a new photography prop that would double as a new furniture piece in the nursery. I kept picturing Blakely sitting on this little bench / toy box in a field, wearing a girly tutu. Sounds cute, right? So, I bought the yellow bench (sans the doll). 
Mom got a cute little wooden bench. 

We were excited... and inspired! How do you like to spend time with your Mom? Any fellow thrifters?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Girls Nursery

A nursery is a fun room to design and decorate! Our little lady is... you know, THREE MONTHS old now, so I thought I'd share her bedroom with the Internet.  It's one of my favorite places in our home. 

I didn't necessarily go with a theme in her room like animals or flowers. 

But instead, we kept things cohesive by repeating colors and patterns. 
Mostly in two or three shades of pink with pops of turquoise and yellow. 

The "neutrals" in the room are white, cream, and gold. I decided to use cream in the room to warm it up a bit and to help tie in some of the more vintage, non-typical nursery items that we used. 

As for over the crib,  I kept it pretty simple. The fabric and ribbon banner was an easy DIY and a great way to bring the colors and patterns from the gallery wall to the other side of the room. The letters are chip board, so super light weight. They are attached with heavy duty command strips. 

Simple ribbons on the curtains as tie-backs are an easy way to bring in more color and help the eye travel around the room easily. 

I'm a fan of the extra long curtains that pile on the floor. 

I love using this adorable basket to keep her little toys in. 
The basket is pretty enough to use in a grown-up space, so I think it make the room look great!

Same goes for the rug. It really makes the room extra cozy and soft, while looking classy. 

This "B" bow holder was an easy DIY that I had my oldest son help me make. We just painted the craft wood a shade of pink. Then we used spray glue to adhere a pretty piece of scrapbook paper and then we added the painted "B" with hot glue. We also just hot glued the cream ribbon to the back of the board. I sealed the ends of the ribbon by quickly running a lighter across the bottom, this way they won't fray. Last we added the cream flower to the "B" which we also used this same flower to make another piece of wall art. Then, we just simply clip her bows to the ribbon.

Easy enough, but the most important part of the hold DIY? I let my son help me. He was able to make something special for his sister before she was even born. "I can't wait for sis to see this! She's gonna love it!" It help build the excitement of her arrival.

We use her dresser as a dresser AND a changing table. This way we don't have an additional piece of furniture in an already small space. I keep her diapers and wipes in the top left drawer. This spot offers extra convenience because it's close to the chair in the room where I sit to rock her or nurse her.  We can easily access items we might need without getting up. In fact, the whole left side of the dresser is full of items "we might need" and the right side holds the close. That's a post for another day though. 

*And yes, the slightly crooked picture above is driving me nuts. 
My OCD photographer personality will definitely be replacing that photo soon! Ha! 

A few accessories are found on top of the dresser -- a lamp, sound machine, pretty vintage vase, and a turquoise mason jar filled with little bows. 

We have two little hooks on the wall next to the closet. This allows me to hang up her little robe and towel. That big gray piece of fabric is my Boba wrap, which I love! I just leave it out on the hook because I use it so often even when we are just at home. It's comfortable and allows me to have two free hands to help my two boys... do chores... make lunch, you get the idea. 

We have another vintage vase that lives on her little shelf above the chair. It's paired with a gold frame, photo album, and her special memory journal.

The best part of this room? The sweet little girl that it belongs to! I feel so honored to be her mother and make a special room just for her.  I'm excited to see the space evolve as her unique personality grows. In fact, I recently purchased a thrift store item to add to the space. So, when I find the time to restore it a bit I will try to post about it.

And in case you are wondering where I've been lately? I've actually been working a bunch. Of course, the THREE kids are part of my MIA status. I've had several design and photography projects that are keeping me busy (plus I've been redesigning my business website/blog) --- and when you are a SAHM and own your own small business you just do what you gotta do!

Source list:
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White picture frames - Michaels
White Frame w/ Flower - DIY, frame from Hobby Lobby
Yellow Mirror - Hobby Lobby
Scrapbook Paper - Michaels
Fabric - Hobby Lobby
Changing Pad Cover - Target
Mason Jar - Amazon
"B" Bow Holder - DIY (supplies from Walmart)
Basket - Target
Dresser - Babies R Us
Chair & Ottoman - Babies R Us
Crib - Walmart
Pink Striped Blanket - Pottery Barn Kids
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Curtains - Ikea
Blind/Shade - Walmart
Journal - TJMaxx
Photo Album - Target
Letters - Hobby Lobby
Crate Bookshelves - DIY, Michaels
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Lamp - Target
Sound Machine 
Vases - passed down from family member
White Flowers - Hobby Lobby
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Pink Clothes Hamper - Target