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can you walk on overseeded lawn

Can You Walk on Overseeded Lawn?

When you overseed your lawn, you probably assumed that you could walk on it right away. After all, the seed is just a tiny plant! But might you be waiting too long? The answer is complicated, but in general, most...

do houseplants need uv light

Do Houseplants Need UV Light?

Houseplants do not need UV light to grow, but it can help them grow healthier and last longer. While UV light is not necessary for plants to photosynthesize, it can help them produce more chlorophyll, which is necessary...

what temperature is too cold for houseplants

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Houseplants?

Temperature is important for plants because it helps them regulate their water intake. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, the plant will not be able to take up water and will eventually die. Temperature also...

are house plants bad for asthma

Are House Plants Bad for Asthma?

House plants are often a topic of discussion when it comes to asthma. Some people believe that they can help clear the air and make the environment healthier for those with asthma. Others believe that house plants can...

can you put worms in houseplants

Can You Put Worms in Houseplants?

Houseplants are a popular way to make any living space feel more alive, fresh, and inviting. It’s no surprise that many people want to know if they can also put worms in their houseplants. The answer to this...

will cat pee kill houseplants

Will Cat Pee Kill Houseplants?

It’s tough to keep plants healthy in a home with pets, kids, and other activities. But many people also tend to forget about their plants when it comes to cleaning up after their furry friends. It turns out that...

how long do houseplants last

How Long Do Houseplants Last?

Houseplants are a great way to bring life into a room, and with the right care, they can last many years. The best way to keep your houseplants healthy is to give them plenty of light, water them regularly, and...

is fish water good for house plants

Is Fish Water Good for House Plants?

House plants can add life and color to any room, but keeping them alive and healthy can be a challenge. One way to give your plants a boost is to use aquarium water. Aquarium water is rich in nitrogen and other...

do houseplants reduce humidity

Do Houseplants Reduce Humidity?

Houseplants are often sold with the promise of improving air quality, but does that include humidity? A study found that some plants do release water vapor, but not enough to make a significant impact on indoor humidity...