Friday, April 4, 2014

We LOVE Friday Favs #5

Whose ready for some long overdue We LOVE favs? For any new readers, the pictures you will see in this post are my favorite choices from my "We LOVE" boards on Pinterest.


These are both group boards, so you are welcome to join us in the pinning fun. We already have fantastic contributors, pinning the coolest ideas and inspiration so the more the merrier! 

Let's start with decor and home related favs shall we?

This first one surprised me when I was browsing through the board. A corner fireplace? Just like mine! Sold. When building our home I actually had a bit of a hard time finding corner fireplace inspiration, so this was pretty exciting for me. I love how both the fireplace and the television can be focal points. It's a nice alternative to the whole tv over the fireplace trend (which doesn't always work well for smaller living rooms). 

I've been really into corner gallery walls that wrap from one wall to the next. I looked into this idea as an option when we were redoing my son's room.  It's just really interesting and unexpected. What do you think?

Oh my... I'm smitten with this next choice. The simplicity and minimalism in this space is incredible. I certainly picture this being in a second/vacation home at the lake or the beach. I specifically like the texture from the plaid pillows, the texture from the rug and lastly, the texture from the exposed wood. Amazing!

A good gallery wall always gets me inspired. I am finding that I am personally drawn to gallery walls with a lot of typography like this one. I am also really fond of gallery walls that use a mix of frames and canvas -- the blend looks really professional, yet inviting. 

On to the DIY...

Kid's rooms are the perfect place for DIY home decor. This dresser is so fun and interesting, 
I can see a little kiddo being pretty excited about it! 

Terrariums are seeming to be all the rage in blog world these days. I'm definitely intrigued and even feeling a little ambitious to try one out for myself. This is especially true after seeing the next two choices from the We LOVE to DIY board.

Terrariums in a mason jar??? CUTE!

And terrariums in recycled jars and vases??? Also CUTE!!!

Last but not least is this little router-hiding- DIY. What a fantastic idea that looks so normal! (that's a compliment, btw) I love the look and more importantly the FUNCTION of this DIY. 

Happy Friday you all! Enjoy your weekend. 
Hopefully it's full of sunshine and the people you love the most!