Thursday, May 29, 2014

House Flipping - Part 6

What did you all think of the pictures the other day? I'm sure you were as impressed as I was. I'm back to share with you the last of the spaces which include the bathrooms (which I helped select the materials), the kitchen and the exterior.

First up is the exterior. Do you recall the first photo I ever took of the outside? I remember sliding my SUV across town in the middle of a snow storm to get that picture. Yikes! But it was worth it to show you the lovely transformation. I knew it'd pay off in the end.

The contrasting posts are a nice touch, as well as the repainted porch. The lack of snow and the presence of sunshine helps a bit too. :-)

Next up is the kitchen which has been updated with granite counter tops, new appliances, new tile and awesome new lights. The cabinets were also refinished.

Here is the before picture...

And the afters...

Is that not a beautiful kitchen or what!? I'm a fan of the neutral feel and the  mix of finishes. The light fixtures match the door knobs, while the cabinet hardware and the sink fixture match. It's a good balance. 

Last, but not least, it's the grand finale... the bathrooms!

First up is the half bathroom which is on the main floor. This bathroom has original exposed brick, octagon tiles, bead board, wood shelves, and more. We figured the shelves were necessary to store a few towels and toilet paper since there are no cabinets. 

Here is the master bathroom which has two side by side vanities. The bead board wraps around the entire bathroom. 

Opposite of the vanities is the shower/tub combination which features gorgeous white subway tile with a nice accent strip. 

The accent is still very neutral and has shiny, mirror like pieces throughout (but it's kinda hard to see in the picture). 

The second floor bath is the largest and my personal favorite. Upon entering you really only see the toilet... but once you are in and turn around...

You will spot this beautiful chandelier! It is a very nice upgrade for a flip and looks stunning in the bathroom. The chrome elements play in nicely with the other fixtures.

Such as the lights and the faucets. The shower/tub combo is just like the one in the master bathroom with the white subway tiles and accent. 

And stepping back, this is the full picture!

It's so beautiful! The vanity is contemporary and I really like the white counter top. The white bead board behind really plays up the height of the ceiling making the bathroom feel even bigger! 

Hopefully the new buyers will be happy for years to come! 

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