Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Perfect Shade of Gray

I have found the perfect shades of gray available. I repainted our already gray nursery a new shade of gray. This time, Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams.

When we first built our house I used Dovetail in our master bedroom & nursery. I also used Dorian Gray and Gauntlet Gray in the basement. All three of these came from the same color swatch, and you know what? We have received a TON of compliments on the latter two. In fact, a few friends have used those same colors in their homes after seeing how perfectly gray they really are. So, when I decided the somewhat small nursery needed to lighten up a bit, I went for a gray from the same color swatch that I've held onto for almost three years now!

Here is what the nursery looked like before the painting took place. I wrote about the decor and such in the post about a Boy's Nursery.

The darker color was beginning to make the room feel a little dingy, especially since I often had the blinds closed. Now the lighter shade brightens it up a bit and gives the room a fresh, clean vibe... ideal for anyone, but especially a little girl.

See for yourself! Pretty, right?

Since this is a child's room I went with an eggshell finish which is wipeable. And because I don't like spending all day painting I color matched the Repose Gray to a Behr primer and paint in one. This meant only one coat, thus only one nap time! I still need to touch up along the ceiling and patch up some previous nail holes, but they haven't bothered me enough to tackle it quite yet.

And why do I love these grays so much? They are neutral and pure. The color reads "gray" and not blue-ish, green-ish, or purple-ish like other grays can tend to do. They also read "clean" and "fresh" as opposed to dirty or dull (I mistakenly painted a dirty/dull gray in my laundry room and office, so I know from first hand experience here).

In case you are interested here is a list of ALL the Sherwin Williams grays (from lightest to darkest) on my beloved swatch:

SW 7014 Eider White
Sw 7015 Repose Gray
SW 7016 Mindful Gray
SW 7017 Dorian Gray
SW 7018 Dovetail
SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray
SW 7020 Black Fox

One of these days I'd loooove to paint the kitchen in Repose Gray, maybe when I get the urge to nest again! :)

Do you all have any PERFECT colors or swatches that you have been extra pleased with? I'd love to hear!

*Pssst... we have made much more progress in the nursery besides the paint color. We even have a bit of new furniture. Details and pictures soon, so stay tuned.

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