Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Update A Basic Terra Cotta Pot

My mom has the best green thumb. Her house is full of beautiful plants that actually grow and look healthy! It's probably easy for most folks, but you could say that I'm starting preschool for keeping plants alive. The important thing is that I'm learning and I'm still trying!

Due to my love for natural and textural pieces, I decided to update a few of my simple terra cotta pots. Most of them had previously received a white paint treatment. Now all they needed was a little bit of charm.

I purchased a jade plant and a bag of rope from Home Depot. They have a variety of rope, but I chose Manila Rope for this project because I loved the darker color and the rustic look. 

Since I love the freshness that white brings to a room, I knew that I wanted to leave some of it exposed. I decided to only wrap the top portion of the pot, leaving the bottom sleek and white. 

Simply spread a line of hot glue on the pot, followed with the rope on top of the glue. *Make sure you don't use too much hot glue otherwise it will seep out from under the rope and become visible when finished.  

I did a full line around and then just slanted the rope upward to the next line once one row was finished. All of the slanting upward was kept to the same area (in the back). At the very end, I ran a line of rope along the top edge of the pot, covering the white. 

I folded the final end downward into the pot and secured it with glue. Since the rope is thick, I ended up needing to use pruning sheers to trim it from the rest of the batch. 

If you use this specific type of rope, you will want to grab some scissors and trim off some of the straggler pieces (you can seem them really well in the picture below).  I also wrapped a pasta sauce jar that I had saved and removed the label from. I just put a few rows of rope at the top to cover the area where the lid locks on. It's now a pretty vase on my kitchen table. 

And as for the terra cotta pot? It now hosts my new jade plant! I've heard they are easy to keep alive...

I sure hope so because I just love the way it looks! When your decorating style lends itself to mostly neutral colors and natural elements, whites and plants are a great way to bring freshness and life to your spaces. 

What do you guys think?


  1. I love this!!! Especialy the spaghetti jar idea! I'm so doing that soon! Thanks for the inspiration:)

    1. Isn't it cute!? I love the spaghetti jar one too. I'm gonna save a few more and then I'll have a trio centerpiece!