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Master Bathroom Mood Boards inspired by

I decided to repaint our master bathroom on a whim. Remember that? I know it's not a room that very many people see, other than my husband and I, but I had to give it some love. We (obviously) use it all of the time, so why not enjoy it a little more A LOT more? I've been diligently working in there: painting the walls, wiping down the cabinets, and scrubbing the shower. It's coming along, but up until recently I wasn't exactly sure where I was headed with the whole makeover (you know, since I started it spontaneously). What did I need? What did I want to add? 

Here is a glimpse from the painting progress. I thought it might be nice to show you a photo that actually demonstrates the difference the paint color is making since it was hard to tell before.  

See how it well it works with the gray tones in the existing tile and grout?

While I was in the middle of re-painting I became lost in thought remembering how beautiful the bathrooms turned out with the house flipping project. They were bright, clean and charming. It felt really good to plan out a mood board, select various products and then watch it all become a beautiful reality right before my eyes. 

Ideally that should also happen when you build a custom home like we did, but you might be surprised how quickly you have to make some decisions.  We really rushed on the lighting, bathrooms and a few other areas of our home. I've always had the urge to redo them lingering in the back of my mind. 

Before I knew it I was day dreaming up a brand new master bathroom retreat for us. 

My Process

I thought it would be fun to make a few mood boards of my own (for some much needed direction) and to show my husband the potential. He isn't the best at picturing an outcome; that's where I come in. Visuals are helpful in convincing him of any kind of household work (I've learned that over the years). I'm not saying he will let me completely redo the bathroom. The chances of that are slim, but it isn't impossible to update a few things... And gosh, it's ALWAYS fun to dream! 

Online Inspiration 

To start, I used the website to get inspired and find materials. Why not just use Pinterest first you ask? Well, because I wanted to create a bathroom based on my own original thoughts. Something that I hadn't necessarily seen before; something unique to our personal style. Therefore, Pinterest was out, as I did not want to replicate someones vision. Make sense? Website Review has a wide variety of high end products, so I knew I would find plenty of beautiful options to choose from. I found it very easy to locate any item that I was interested in. Each category is clearly labeled with pictures and text, making navigation a breeze. It's really the perfect site for anyone seriously considering a bathroom remodel (they offer many luxurious upgrades, have a price match guarantee, downloadable installation guides and even a live chat representative to help you as you browse)! Want a heated tub? Special jet modes? Warming towel bar? They've got you covered.

The first selection that I made was a vanity. My favorites were found under the transitional section. Not sure what transitional style is? The photo will clue you in! I'm realizing more and more that while I do absolutely love the clean lines of modern and contemporary design, at home I prefer the more casual look of transitional and rustic design. Therefore, I started my browsing using the convenient "shop by style" method. Props to  for their website layout (who doesn't love easy shopping)! 

The vanity pictured below grabbed my attention, and it was love at first sight. The warmth in the light wood tones won me over immediately. I think it's a nice contrast to the typical cold feel that bathrooms naturally take on due to the literal cold tile floor surfaces, stark white bathtubs, and sometimes harsh lighting. Of course this vanity is completely opposite of what we currently have -- go figure! My tastes are becoming refined as the years go on, I suppose. 
*Side note: makes the process incredibly straightforward when make decisions about the details. After you choose the vanity, you can use the "configurator" feature to select the countertop, matching mirror, faucets, etc that go along with the vanity. Of course you don't have to use this, but it is helpful if you are the type of person that gets overwhelmed with many small decisions (cough, cough -- my husband). 

A gray vanity came in second place, catching my eye because of the warm wood finish that peeks through the gray paint color. I could picture two of these side by side with a storage cabinet or shelving in between. We have currently have granite countertops in our master bathroom, but it doesn't look nearly as beautiful as this vanity top. It's the gray that I'm into, I'm sure of it! Gray cabinets, gray counter top, gray walls... And now I feel like I might have an addiction? 

Pinpointing a Vision

Feeling a bit indecisive about which vanity option my husband would prefer,  I decided to create a mood board around each one.

Lucky you, it's two-for-one Thursday! :)

The first design features a natural wood vanity, clean rectangular lines (sink, mirror & tub), and dark oil rubbed bronze fixtures. The dark fixtures would match well with our current shower doors which are glass with a dark boarder. The overall feel this mood board provokes is warm & inviting. Would you agree?

Mood Board #1 Sources:

Mood board #2 boasts a completely different style with the gray vanity, shiny chrome fixtures, and softer round lines from the sink, tub and mirror. I think this option offers a touch of sophisticated glam with the flashier finishes & less use of wood tones.  Plus, the tub would most definitely be a focal point! And even though we have the dark boarder that frames out our shower glass, we also have chrome bathtub and shower fixtures. We really could go either direction with this. 

Mood Board #2 Sources:

Decision Time

Re-painting the walls has been a step in the right direction, and I am thankful for the impetuous side of me that just goes for it. Now my vision is focused thanks to these two mood boards. Are you surprised with my choices?  I know which one I am leaning more towards.... any guesses?

I'd love your vote as well. Please weigh in with your support! #1 or #2? I'll let you know which one is my favorite and what my husband says in my next progress post -- you won't want to miss it!

By the way, I am open to any other ideas for this makeover! Maybe I need a chandelier over the tub? We do have a light that needs to be replaced. Or a ladder for a towel bar? Let me know your thoughts, I love hearing my readers opinions! :)

*This post was sponsored in part by who requested a website review.  All  of the content is original and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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