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Are Drain Flies Attracted to Light?

Drain flies are tiny, flying insects that are often found near drains and other sources of moisture. Many people wonder why these pests are attracted to light, and there is no one definitive answer to this question.

Some experts believe that the flies are drawn to light because it helps them orient themselves and find food or mates. Others believe that the flies are simply looking for a way out of the dark, moist environment where they live.

Why Are Drain Flies Attracted to Light?

When you see a fly buzzing around your light, it’s likely a drain fly. Drain flies are attracted to light and they often congregate around lights in large numbers. The reason they’re drawn to light is still unknown, but there are several theories.

One theory is that the heat from the light attracts them. Another theory is that they use the light to navigate; since they live in dark, wet places, the light helps them find their way around. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that drain flies are attracted to light and you’ll usually see them flying around lights in late summer and early fall.

What Kind of Light Do Drain Flies Like?

There are many different types of flies, and they are attracted to different things. For example, some like light, while others like dark environments. What kind of light do drain flies like?

Drain flies are attracted to UV light. This means that they fly towards anything that emits UV radiation. Scientists believe that this is because UV light is associated with moisture, which is what these flies feed on.

In order to attract drain flies, you need to use a source of UV light. This can be done by using a special lamp or by exposing them to the sun. If you are using a lamp, make sure that it emits UV radiation.

What Do Drain Flies Like Other Than Light?

Drain flies, also known as moth flies, are a small, dark fly that is often seen in bathroom and kitchen sinks. They are attracted to moisture and can be difficult to get rid of. Below, we will discuss some of the things drain flies like and why:


Drain flies are drawn to dark areas like drains and toilet bowls. One theory behind their attraction to dark spaces is that they use visual cues to orient themselves and find food. In a study published, researchers found that when drain flies were presented with both light and dark options, they chose the dark option more than 80 percent of the time. This suggests that the flies are using visual cues to navigate their environment.


Drain flies like moist environments is because they need moisture to survive. They also need it to breed. If the environment is too dry, they will not be able to reproduce. Another reason is because there is usually a lot of organic material present. This provides them with food and nutrients.

Decaying Matter

Drain flies are attracted to decomposing matter because it is a food source for them. The flies lay their eggs in the decomposing material, and the eggs hatch into larvae that feed on the decaying matter. The larvae then develop into adult flies, which continue to feed on the decomposed material.

Stagnant Water

Drain flies are attracted to stagnant water because it is a breeding ground for their larvae like mosquitoes. The larvae need an oxygen-free environment in order to thrive, and stagnant water provides that. Additionally, the organic matter that collects in stagnant water provides a food source for the larvae.


High humidity creates an ideal environment for the flies to breed in. The warm, moist air provides a place for the eggs to hatch and the larvae to grow. In addition, the moist air can help keep the flies hidden from predators.

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