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Best Fans that Blow Cold Air

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Air-conditioning may not be enough if you would like to ventilate your interiors properly and completely. Fans that blow cold air can be very useful and, in fact, more efficient than relying on AC units 24/7.

While not exactly like ACs with Freon cooling systems, modern fans can blow cooler air with increased pressure because of their technological designs. These differentiate them from conventional fans that just gather ambient air and recirculate it to the room without changing the temperature.

Cold-air fans can quietly maintain airflow within the room while effectively saving you money because they use less electricity. Here are the best ones available in the market today:

Honeywell Quietset Whole-Room Tower Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black, HYF290B

The Honeywell Tower Fan HYF290B is a 32” tall tower fan with a 10” x 8” form factor. It is made of durable plastic and it sports 8 speed settings, allowing you to fully customize according to the ventilation needs of the room. It is a versatile appliance because it can work on a small enclosure such as a breakfast nook, and even on larger living rooms – thanks to its wide oscillation range of 80 degrees.

Even on the highest speed setting, the Honeywell Tower Fan functions extremely quietly because its moving parts are resistant to unnecessary vibrations even when it is oscillating. As aptly put by Honeywell, it is so quiet that you forget it’s turned on. It produces a gentle breeze that refreshes the people in the room, instead of releasing heavy slices of air that can feel uncomfortable.

Other features worth mentioning include a remote control, which you can use to change the speed and noise level. Moreover, the HYF290B model also has a sleep mode and timer, which allows you to schedule powering off up to 7 hours with 1-hour increments.

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TaoTronics Tower Fan

This 12 x 12 x 32” tower fan from TaoTronics combines its aerodynamic design and digital controls to satisfy your different cooling needs. It has 3 main modes and 3 speed settings, allowing you to choose among 9 cooling types, depending on the room size and time of day.

With a breeze velocity of up to 20 ft/s, this is a perfect companion for your air-conditioning unit, especially for larger rooms. It has an oscillation range of 65-degrees, which is not as wide as its peers but still allows it to redistribute and circulate efficiently. That can lower your electric bill even if you are using an ACU.

It has a “natural” mode, which simulates the intensity and feel of real breeze. The sleep mode, on the other hand, smartly reduces wind speed every thirty minutes for a comfortable sleep. The TaoTronics fan performs quietly regardless of the mode selected.

This oscillating tower fan has several smart features for better ventilation management and convenience of the owner. The most noticeable one is the digital thermostat that tracks and displays the room’s temperature. It has a large LED panel with physical buttons for controlling the fan’s modes. You can operate it with a remote control as well. Lastly, its screw-less back cover can easily be removed for cleaning.

Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan, FDS, Black/Nickel

With the trademark bladeless design of Dyson and a form factor of 8.03 x 6.02 x 23.4”, the AM09 is a really sleek-looking fan. It operates at a consistent 6.3 mph, regardless of how you adjust the height which is normally not achieved by other brands. That is a powerful and consistent airflow, which can cool the warmest summers even with minimal AC usage.

The remote control allows you to select from the 10 unique ventilation settings for various environments, and it is magnetized so you can easily stick it to the fan for storage. You can turn on the patented “intelligent thermostat” to monitor room temperature and adjust its power automatically. This Hot + Cool fan can be set to blow cold air on summers and warm air for winters.

A key feature is the patented Air Multiplier technology, which allows the fan to generate wind without blades. This makes it safe for kids and animals. The fan is really easy to clean too, since it has no blades where dust builds up.

Regarding noise, the Dyson AM09 is one of the quietest models in the market. It operates at least 6 times more quietly than the leading silent tower fans from other brands.

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Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Tower Fan

Lasko Portable Electric 42' Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting, Timer and Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Silver T42951

The Lasko 2551 is one of the tallest tower fans in the market at 43″ and has a 13×13” footprint. It is also quite heavy at 13 lbs., but it has a solid and durable plastic build.

It has three standard speed settings, which is a little fewer than the settings offered by its peers. However, the Lasko 2551’a “wind curve” design allows it to oscillate up to 90-degrees wide. This is among the largest angles that tower fans can swivel, and this can circulate air more efficiently and rapidly inside the room.

It also has a quiet motor and airflow, which can be adjusted using a remote control. As for automatic sleep settings, you can set it to turn off from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

Lastly, it has built-in ionizers that can easily be seen from the front. Besides cooling, it also removes allergens from the ambient air. This is great, especially for people with allergic rhinitis.

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The 32” TaoTronics fan is the best value for your money. It is at a good price point for its features, far from having to pay with diminished returns. It may not be the quietest in the lot, but it operates considerably quietly that it won’t disturb you. Moreover, it packs power as its max settings can deliver 20 ft/s (13.6 mph) of breeze.

In terms of performance, it offers two smart settings in addition to the normal mode. It can simulate natural air and also go to sleeping mode, which gradually reduces air speed as you sleep. This is a feature not usually found in its peers, which normally just have speed settings. The digital thermostat that displays temperature is also a good bonus, not typically found with similar tower fans.