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do houseplants need uv light

Do Houseplants Need UV Light?

Houseplants do not need UV light to grow, but it can help them grow healthier and look better. While UV light is not necessary for plants to photosynthesize, it can help them produce more chlorophyll, which is necessary...

How to Take Care of a Monstera

How to Take Care of a Monstera

Monsteras are often called split-leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese plants referring to their gorgeous leaves with beautiful cuts. These plants are now one of the favorite houseplants thanks to their deep green, tropical...

Are Monstera Toxic to Pets

Are Monstera Toxic to Pets?

If you are planning to add a Monstera to your plant collection, just like everyone else, first things first. You need to consider some really important things before you make a final decision, and one of these is none...