How to Care for the Bird of Paradise Plant

Gardening How to Care for the Bird of Paradise Plant

The name of the plant, Bird of paradise plant is due to the resemblance of the flowers to birds of paradise. It belongs to the genus Strelitzia. It is a member of this genus of perennial plants. They are the native South African plants. To the natives, it is also commonly known as the crane flower. It is also embossed on the back of 50 cent coin.

Most common types of the plant grown in houses are Strelitzia reginae and Strelitzia nicolai. Due to the northern origin, it is easy for the northerners to grown it in its original habitat. But for others who want to grow this plant in their homes, it is somewhat difficult to manage the temperature of the surroundings. The beauty of the plant is matchless.

Where to grow bird of paradise plant?

This plant can be grown near the pools and around the spas or can be placed in the pot to make it an eye-stopper for all. It can also takes its place in backyards, on decks and balconies. It provides such a luxurious feeling of beauty that soothes the mood of a person at a glimpse. For nourishment, this plant needs plenty of the sun so choose places where sunlight can easily reach your plant to thrive.

How to grow at home?

Bird of paradise plant germinates slowly. It takes up to a year to popup a seedling and take 7 years to flower. Many people opt for a cutting or a germinated seedling to start instead of growing it from the seed. Temperature is a critical stimulus for the growth of bird of paradise plant.

If you live in the area suitable for the growth of plants outside, you may take some time to sow both seeds and cutting for a better outcome. In the areas of cold climate and harsh winters, the bird of paradise plant is grown as an indoor houseplant that you can find in the nursery nearby.

Bird of paradise plant grows steadily in the temperature to 50 -72 degrees Fahrenheit or 10-20 degrees Celsius. If the temperature fluctuates above and below the critical limit the plant is likely to die. The bird of paradise plant grows well in moist soil with a lot of compost and well set up drainage system because the plant can die if the roots of a plant stayed water clogged. For the growth of the plant, it is essential to provide sunlight exposure for at least 5 hours a day. They grow better if some space is given so when you plan on growing this plant, keep in mind to give about six feet area to it.

How to take care of your plant?

Water regulation

To establish deep roots of your plants, it is necessary to keep watering schedule during 1st season. This plant requires a lot of water but at the same time, water-clogging can become the reason for its death. It is important to give a little break between watering the plant. Water the plant once or twice a week on a deeper level so the water reaches the roots properly. Water regulation is the main step to take care of for the nourishment of your plant. It decides the fate of the growth of your plant.


It is better to provide fertilizers to your plant before spring. On the arrival of the season, plants need more energy and food for the flowers to bloom. This can be fulfilled with fertilizer. You can fertilize the plant every two weeks to keep it healthy during spring and summer.


Your plant does not need much trimming. To keep it young and healthy you need to cut off old pale leaves and stalks. For the best results start trimming your plant in the springtime.

Pest infestation

Your plant is highly susceptible to aphides, pests, and spider mites. But it is easy to spot these infestations. You can easily wipe these pests off the leaves with clean clothes. Rinsing them is an option. A strong flow from a hose can wipe them out. It is better to avoid pesticides on the plant because they can harm the plant.

Outdoor spacing

If you are growing your plant outside in the garden, take care of the spacing it will require. The flowers of the plant grow on the outer sections. To help them bloom allow sufficient flowering room to the plants.

Division of the clump

In the growing season, you can avail of the chance to propagate the growth of the plant by dividing the clumps. Bird of paradise plant is like a cluster of stalks, you can easily cut 5 or more dividing it for better growth. When you cut the clamp it will get nourishment as one. To separate the clump you need to dig out the plant and separate it from apex to root. Dividing the clumps in spring can give better results for growth.

Bottom line

The name bird of paradise plant is given due to the resemblance of the flowers with a bird’s beak and head plumage. It resembles the bird of paradise. The flowers of the plant have made it popular among designers and artists. Many decorators choose this plant for indoor decoration of the house. It is an attractive ornamental plant. This worthy plant was a native to South Africa but today it is being cultivated all around South America. The beautiful image that it exhibits makes it a prominent member to praise the beauty of nature. The flowers show many colors. To grow and maintain such an asset of beauty one may have proper knowledge and guideline to take steps so that the growth of the plant can be managed.

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