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Do Starlings Damage Lawns?

The starling is a small bird that can be found throughout North America. It is often considered a nuisance because of its tendency to damage lawns by feeding on seeds and insects. In some cases, starlings will even defecate on lawns, which can lead to parasitic problems. Although the starling is not always successful in damaging lawns, its presence can be disruptive and unwanted.

do starlings damage lawns

How Do Starlings Damage Lawns?

Starlings are birds that are known for their large size and dark colors. These birds are also known for their habit of damaging lawns by eating the seed heads off of plants. Starlings are able to do this because they have a small beak that is able to fit into the small spaces between the plant’s seeds and roots. This can cause some damage to the plant, as well as making it difficult for the plant to get nutrients.

What Do Starlings Eat?

Despite their name, starlings are not really birds of the sky. In fact, they are usually found near water, where they eat a variety of food items. Here are three of their favorites:


Starlings are a common sight in cities and towns, but what most people don’t realize is that these birds rely heavily on invertebrates to survive. In fact, nearly half of the starling’s diet consists of insects! These birds are able to capture these small creatures with their beaks and kill them by pecking at their bodies. While this method may not be as efficient as hunting larger prey, it is still an important part of the starling’s diet.


The seeds that starlings eat can vary depending on their geographic location. For example, in the north, they might eat maple seeds whereas in the south, they might eat cottonseed. In general, though, starlings prefer to eat small seeds that are hard and have a high oil content.


Which berries that starlings eat depends on their location and the time of year. In general, starlings eat berries picked before they are ripe, but they will also eat berries that are already ripe. Some of the more common berry choices for starlings include blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

What Can Be Done to Minimize the Starlings Damage to Your Lawn?

If you’re experiencing problems with starlings invading your yard and leaving droppings everywhere, here are 3 tips to help minimize the damage:

Remove Bird Feeders

One of the most common problems caused by starlings is their damage to lawns. They feed on insects and other small animals that build up in the lawn, and this can cause the grass to die and become less green. By removing your bird feeders, you can minimize the damage starlings are able to do, and you will also be reducing your chances of having any other bird pests.

Consider Installing Bird Baffles

Installing bird baffles can help minimize the starlings damage to your lawn. The starlings are a species of large birds that feed primarily on insects. They are attracted to areas with high population of insects and typically nest in close proximity to these areas. By installing bird baffles, you reduce the number of times the starlings have access to your lawn and the potential for them to damage it.

Use Motion-Activated Sprinklers

There are multiple benefits to using motion-activated sprinklers to minimize damage done to your lawn by starlings. First, these sprinklers can be activated automatically when birds fly over them, preventing them from landing on the lawn and damaging it.

Additionally, they will quickly react and release a shower of water onto the lawn when the birds fly over them again, cooling them off and deterring them from returning.

Will Starlings Attack Humans?

When it comes to birds, most people think of seagulls and pigeons when they think of potential threats. But according to the reports, starlings are one of the most aggressive bird species towards humans.

During the fledgling stage, which typically happens in late winter or early spring, chicks will cling to their parents and get incredibly close to their nests. And because humans tend to get close to these nests without realizing it, starlings can become startled and attack.

Are Starlings Considered Pest Birds?

Starlings are a type of bird that is considered a pest by many. They are known for their ability to thrive in areas that other birds would not be able to survive in, and for their tendency to consume large amounts of food.

Their popularity as pets also contributes to their pest status, as some people release them into areas where they can damage crops or negatively impact wildlife populations.


In conclusion, starlings are known for their love of mess and destruction. They love to eat insects, which can leave behind a messy nest, as well as plant matter. This can ultimately damage lawns and gardens, so if you see starlings in your area, please be sure to protect your property.

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