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Types of Picture Frames

There are many types of picture frame that can be used to display and protect artwork and photographs. Frames range in materials, shapes, and colors. They can be found in wood frames for a more rustic look or in plastic frames for a less expensive option. There are also many interesting designs such as clocks and mirrors. These frames come in many styles such as horizontal or vertical or even around the frame.

This article will explore the different types of frame styles and discuss their benefits and drawbacks.

Floating Frame

Floating frames are a great choice for those looking for a more modern looking picture frame. The design, which is popular in Scandinavian countries, is simple yet elegant. There are no sides or backing to the frame, giving it a light appearance and an airy feel.

Pros and Cons of Floating Frame

One advantage to this framing option is that it is lighter than other types, so they are easier to hang on the wall. A disadvantage is that they can be easily knocked over if not properly handled or secured. There are many different styles of floating frames available for both functional and novelty purposes.

Collage Frame

A collage frame is a type of frame that uses a variety of materials to create a unique design. Generally, a collage frame consists of an assortment of pictures, photos, and other memorabilia adhered to the sides or back of the frame. The pieces are generally arranged in a random order to create a sense of chaos.

This style began trending during the 1990s when people were looking for something more interesting than just black and white borders around their picture frames.

Pros and Cons of Collage Frame

One advantage to this framing option is it is inexpensive and easy way to change your photo display by just switching out the picture. The downside is that it may be difficult to find frames with different shapes or finishes in stores. You can, however, design your own frame with multiple pieces of plywood. This approach costs less money and time than purchasing a ready-made frame.

Poster Frame

A poster frame is a type of picture frame that is typically used to display an image poster or similar work. Poster frames are usually made from wood, metal, plastic, or acrylics. They are available in many different styles and sizes including simple, sleek styles to more ornate, three-dimensional frames. Poster frames are commonly cheap and easy to find at local arts and crafts stores.

Pros and Cons of Poster Frame

Poster frames are an ideal way to display your photos because it’s a unobtrusive way to show your pictures in a well-lit gallery space. They’re also a great choice for people that have a permanent location, or you can transport them from place to place. They’re also made in a variety of styles and sizes which is perfect for any business or home.

The disadvantages of using poster frames are fairly straightforward. It can be a bit costly to buy a frame for each poster you want to showcase, and it is a space-consuming way to display your artwork – especially if you live in a small apartment.

Other disadvantages include the fact that they can often take up more wall space than those who prefer other types of displays such as canvas or gallery wraps. It would also be difficult to transport artwork from one location to another without destroying the frame.

Document Frame

Document frames are designed to hold certificates, diplomas, letters of recommendation, or other formal documents that require a high-quality presentation. These frames are typically black with silver edges.

They often have slots on the side to hold the document in place. The picture frame styles range from traditional styles to more modern ones with transparent glass.

Pros and Cons of Document Frame

Lately, more and more people are using document picture frames instead of traditional ones. They are more affordable than many other frames on the market. Once you purchase your frame, it is easy to remove paper from the back and insert photos in the frame.

A variety of sizes are available, so there will be one for almost any size photo. With a document frame, you can rotate photos with ease without having to take them out of the frame.

One of the drawbacks of using document picture frames is that they do not totally cover the edge of the photo, which means some important details are usually left out. The frame is also not completely level with the wall when hung, so it can create a wobbly appearance. There are also many different styles to choose from that may or may not match your décor. One other drawback is that there are no matting options available.

Shadow Box Frame

The shadow box frame is a more luxurious framing option which can be used to display a variety of different messages and messages. This type of frame is known for creating a shadow within the picture frame itself, or for providing an ornate border which surrounds the artwork.

The face of the shadow box may be embellished with a plaque made of gold or silver reading “In Memory Of.

Shadow box frames are a great way to display art, memorabilia, and other meaningful items. This type of frame provides the perfect balance between the artwork and the frame. It is also an attractive alternative to using traditional framed artwork.

Pros and Cons of Shadow Box Frame

One reason that shadow boxes are great for displaying items is because you can place them on shelves or tables without taking up much space.

The disadvantages of using these frames include: they may be difficult to assemble and put together correctly, not as durable as other framing methods, and because of their design they can only display one photo at a time. Another disadvantage of this type of frame is they can only be used with very small objects like jewelry, coins, flags, and figurines.

Digital Frame

Digital frames are a new type of picture frame that allows you to upload your favorite images and then share them with others. These frames are often used as gifts, especially for weddings or birthdays, but they are also great to use at home.

Digital frames are most often used with photographs uploaded onto a flash drive or memory card. A digital frame can hold many images at one time and can display different photos randomly.

Pros and Cons of Digital Frame

Advantages of using digital frames are that they are able to store multiple images at once, have a variety of different styles and designs, offer an easier way to customize the photo for the frame with editing programs.

A digital frame will display images in chronological order, or with one click you can select which image you would like to see. Using a digital frame is also more environmentally friendly, as it takes up less space on your shelf.

One problem with these frames is that they’re expensive compared to other types of frames. Digital frames also require an outlet for power, which means they can’t simply be placed on any surface or table.

Picture Frames Display Ideas


Display picture frames on tabletop is a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years. Many people find it pleasing to have an array of photographs of themselves, friends, and family members right in the room with them.

Image: Ikea

For some, this is a way to show off their favorite photos, while others may want to make sure they never forget the memories captured by these images. It can bring people closer together when they are cohabitating or communicate more clearly when living separately.


Hanging picture frames on walls at home is nothing new. For centuries, people have been displaying their most prized pieces of artwork in their homes.

Hanging picture frames is a great way to decorate an empty wall. It helps bring the room together and adds character. Picture frames come in all shapes, sizes, and designs so it’s easy find one that fits your vision for your space.


A leaning picture frame can be a neat way to show off pictures without having to use an expensive matting system or pay for frames that might not match your décor. Plus, they’re relatively easy to install and you don’t need any tools at all!

Image: Shopee


In conclusion, it is best to have a picture frame that catches the eye of the viewer. This type of frame will make the person who sees it want to know more about the picture. Clearly one should get a picture frame that catches others attention, which will make them want to learn more about the photo placed in it.

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