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What is Shabby Chic Furniture?

Country comfort and romantic elegance meet each other in shabby chic style. This interior decorating style is characterized by vintage, feminine appeal. Lace, satin and soft colors are the primary themes found in rooms with this style. Shabby chic furniture has its own unique style as well.

Gently Used

This furniture is known for its appearance of being gently used. Often, those that are searching for furniture in this style pick up gently used items from garage sales or thrift stores on a bargain because it already appears slightly aged. Homeowners that opt for new furniture, which many do, paint or alter the furniture to give it a distressed appearance so that it looks aged to coordinate perfectly with this style.

DIY Tips to Create Distressed Furniture

There is a plethora of techniques used in DIY projects to get that amazing, vintage appeal. These awesome ideas will help you create your own shabby chic furniture in one weekend or less:


White is one of the most popular colors for this style, hence white whitewashed furniture is an exceptional idea. Simply sand off the paint that is already on the furniture and pick up some paint to make the item appear whitewashed. These projects are perfect for those that are not expert painters.

Worn edges

When furniture is used for several years, the corners are often worn down. They are not as sharp and brand new as they once were. This decorating style calls for the edges on furniture to be slightly worn. Pick up some sandpaper and make furniture appear used in a matter of minutes.

Paint it

In order for furniture to truly coordinate well with a shabby chic theme, it almost always needs painted. Opt for antique white or a beautiful color on the shabby chic palette to guarantee that everything coordinates well together.

Scrollwork and Curves

When it comes to this style, think of elaborate elegance. Furniture should have intricate details of scrollwork for a feminine appeal. The legs of the dresser might curve slightly as well. To make use of furniture that is already owned, simply pick up a saudering iron and a few stencils to create your own feminine look.

Thin Wood

If the wood that is used for furniture and accents is too thick, it will quickly give the room a rustic appearance instead of a fashionable one. Furniture that is made of pressed wood or thinner materials instead of clunky dressers will guarantee that the room looks chic instead of country or farmhouse. It can be easy to slide over into one of the other decorating styles, which makes it vital that homeowners pay attention to minor details such as this one.

Metal Furniture

Because this style is known as elegant, it allows room for a bit of metal as well. This creates a glamorous look to ensure that the room looks more chic than shabby. Tables can be comprised of metal and glass; metal bedframes and beautiful décor are perfect ideas. Remember that only one color should be used. Homeowners are encouraged to stick with gold or silver so that the room looks luxurious instead of mix matched.

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