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Alternative to Box Springs

If you are looking to buy the best mattress for your bed and wondering if you need a traditional box spring. Before you go any further, let me tell you, you do not need a box spring, but it may not be the best solution.

Alternative to Box Springs

What Is a Box Spring?

A box spring is an alternative to buying a new mattress or purchasing memory foam mattresses that require no support at all. The box spring provides additional comfort by supporting the mattress from underneath. It also helps prevent the sagging of the mattress over time.

Types of Box Springs

Types of Box Springs
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Ultra-Low Profile Box Springs

These box springs have very little height above the floor. They can help reduce pressure points on your body while sleeping. This type of box spring will usually come with adjustable legs so they can fit in different-sized beds.

However, this option does require proper care and maintenance. For example, you should make sure that there isn’t any moisture present under the mattress. Moisture could cause mold growth and rot. Also, ensure that the area around the mattress has adequate ventilation. It would be best to keep the space between the mattress and wall at least 12 inches wide.

Low Profile Box Springs

Low-profile box springs are about 50% shorter than a standard box spring. These are good for those who don’t like the rising heights of newer mattresses. Comfort does not change, low profile box springs are made with the same material as a standard box spring and provide just as much stability.

Standard Box Springs

Standard Box Springs are usually constructed in three types:

  • Coil Box Springs – These boxes springs use coils as their main material. Coil box springs provide more stability than other materials used in making them. However, coil box springs tend to sag after some years of usage.
  • Zero-Deflection Box Springs – Zero deflection means that these box springs don’t allow any movement when weight is applied to them. As such, zero deflection box springs are ideal for people who sleep on their sides because they won’t roll away from where they’re placed.
  • Semi-Flex Box Springs – Semi flex-box springs are made using steel wire mesh which allows airflow through the box spring. Steel wires are then covered with fabric. This makes semi-flex box springs suitable for both side and back sleepers.

Split Box Springs

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Split box springs come in two parts, making them easier to move around your home. They are usually only available for large-sized mattresses, like king-size or queen. Make sure your bed frame can support the weight of the box spring, as it will need to have some support in the center.

How to Choose a Box Spring

The first thing you want to consider before choosing a box spring is how comfortable it feels. You’ll know whether or not you feel comfortable enough to purchase one once you try out several models. If you find yourself waking up sore every morning, you might want to look into getting a better quality mattress instead.

Another important factor to take note of is price. While most manufacturers offer free shipping options, you still have to pay for delivery charges. So, if you plan on having someone else pick up the package for you, you’d probably save money overall.

Another consideration is durability. Most box springs last about 10 years. But, if you’ve had problems with previous ones, you might want to opt for something newer.

Finally, choose a model based on what kind of sleeper you are. Some box springs are designed specifically for a single person’s needs. Others are meant for couples. And others are even built for children. 

Benefits Of Using A Box Spring

There are many benefits to using a box spring instead of a traditional mattress. Here are some reasons why:

Box springs give your mattress a flat, level surface to rest upon, improving your sleep quality. They also add height to your bed, making it easier to get into and out of.

They provide extra support. Sleeping, sitting or other movements can cause damage to your mattress over time, but a good quality box spring can absorb shocks and help protect your mattress, while also helping keep your center from sagging, improving its durability.

Box springs help keep your mattress clean and free of mold and mildew. They also allow air to circulate your mattress, keeping it fresh and reducing the buildup of dust mites or any other harmful allergens that could affect the quality of your rest.

Why Use a Box Spring?

The reason we use a box spring as our foundation is so that we don’t sink too far into the mattress. If there isn’t enough space between the floor and the bottom of the mattress, then the mattress won’t last very long. This means that you should always make sure that there is room under the mattress before putting anything else on top of it.

In addition, if you are experiencing back pains, then you must ensure that you put something under your mattress. You could try placing a pillow under your mattress, but remember that pillows aren’t designed to hold up against heavyweight as a box spring does.

What Is Inside of a Box Spring?

Inside of a box spring, you will typically see foam padding, which helps distribute pressure evenly across the entire mattress. The sides of the box spring may be made of wood, metal, or plastic. These materials all serve different purposes.

For example, wooden boxes tend to be more durable than their counterparts made of steel or aluminum. However, they do cost more because they require maintenance. On the other hand, plastic boxes are cheaper and easy to maintain.

Box Spring Alternative

Adjustable Bed

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote, Three Leg Heights, and USB Ports-Ergonomic, King, Black

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An adjustable bed allows you to adjust the height of the mattress without moving around. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on what kind of sleeper you are. Some models even allow you to raise the foot end of the bed higher than others.


  • Very comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for everyone

Memory Foam Mattress

SUBRTEX 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Ventilated Gel Infused Bed Foam Topper for Pressure Relieving, CertiPUR-US Certified, Queen

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This type of mattress has been popular since the 1980s. Memory foam was first used in medical applications where it helped reduce pressure points caused by sitting. Nowadays, most mattress companies offer a large variety of these mattress types.


  • Maximum comfort
  • Provides good support


  • Requires maintenance

Milkcrate Bed Base

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This DIY project is a great way to save money and make something unique. Milk crates are easy to find and inexpensive. They can be painted and arranged into a bed base. A piece of plywood sheet can be added to create a longer-lasting product.


  • Easy to DIY
  • Cheap
  • Can recycle old crate


  • It’s not very sturdy
  • Hard to match the interior

Under Mattress Slats

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These are horizontal wooden strips for supporting a bed frame. They provide a place for your mattress to rest. You can adjust the height of your bed without compromising on looks.


  • Affordable
  • Supportive
  • Easy to assembly
  • Easy to replace


  • Cannot add extra height
  • Breakable
  • Require assembly

Wood Slat Foundation

Wood slats are a bed foundation comprised of a series of wooden slats placed close together to promote support and airflow to a mattress. There are two kinds of slats: plain solid slats and springy slats. Springy slats rest on springs and offer extra comfort. Both types of slats provide firm support.


  • Lighter than box springs
  • Cheaper


  • Not resistant to weight and pressure
  • Thinner

Platform Bed

ZINUS Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel Structure, Queen

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A platform bed provides an alternative to a box spring or other foundations. Platform beds consist of a

metal bed frame supported by legs. The base supports the entire structure above ground level. A mattress sits atop the frame.


  • Provide more storage spaces
  • Provide air circulation to the mattress.


  • Expensive
  • Not for people that are suffering from joint pains or sleep apnea

Hybrid Mattress

LINENSPA 12 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – Twin Mattress – Bed in a Box – Plush Mattress

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There are many hybrid mattresses available today. Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with traditional coil technology. Most hybrids include some sort of pocketed coils that add additional cushioning and bounce.


  • Cheaper
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Does not provide as much support

Innerspring Mattress

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Most people think of innerspring when thinking about their favorite sleep system. Innersprings have become increasingly popular over time because they can help prevent sagging and saggy bottoms.

In addition, they also provide good support and stability. Many companies now manufacture innerspring specifically for children’s mattresses.


  • Comfortable
  • Cheap


  • It takes up a lot of room in your home
  • Not very durable

Do You Need to Replace Box Springs when Buying a New Mattress?

When you buy a new mattress, do you need to replace your box springs too? The answer is: it depends. If your box springs are in good condition and still provide adequate support for your mattress, then you may not need to replace them. However, if your box springs are old or damaged, or if you’re upgrading to a thicker mattress than you have currently, then you will likely need to purchase new box springs as well.

Box springs play an important role in supporting your mattress and ensuring its longevity. They help to distribute weight evenly and keep the mattress from sagging. If your box springs are in bad shape, it could cause damage to your mattress and shorten its lifespan.

Can You Put a Mattress on the Floor Without a Box Spring?

Flooring provides a stable base for mattress support. Thus, it is a valid substitute for a box spring, such as a bed frame. One of the main benefits of placing your mattress directly onto the floor is that you only need to pay for the mattress. This setup is one of the most affordable options available.

Can Memory Foam Mattresses Sit on Box Springs?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Memory foam mattresses are designed to be placed on a flat surface, and a box spring is not considered to be a flat surface. However, some people do choose to place their memory foam mattress on a box spring anyway, and this can be done as long as the box spring is in good condition and is not too old. If the box spring is sagging or has any other type of damage, it is not recommended that it be used as a foundation for a memory foam mattress.

Why Is Ventilation Important for Your Mattress?

Proper ventilation means that the mattress should be placed on a firm base so that air can flow freely beneath it. If the mattress is directly on the floor, there is no space for air to circulate. This prevents the circulation of moisture and body heat, causing discomfort and illness.

How Can I Raise My Bed Without a Box Spring?

Raising your bed without a box spring requires purchasing a sturdy set of adjustable base or feet. These feet attach to the bottom of the bed frame and raise the height of the bed. They come in different sizes depending on how high off the ground you want your bed to sit. Some models even allow you to adjust the angle at which the foot rests.

Do You Need a Box Spring With IKEA Bed?

Most IKEA beds do not require box springs as their mattresses are usually sold with and designed for a wooden slatted bed frame. So if you have bought an IKEA mattress, it is recommended to buy their slatted bedframe to put the mattress on top of it.


Although a box spring might seem convenient, it’s important to consider whether it adds value to your life. There are other options available to you that are just as effective and much cheaper.

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