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65 Amazing Ideas For Your Small Bedroom

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One of the most common problems that are coming up with the ever increasing population is homes are being built smaller. Often you may get apartments that have smaller bedrooms or while buying your own apartment, you may land up creating a small bedroom due to financial constraints.

Though smaller bedrooms may seem cozy and at times like your personal den, but it can also get claustrophobic if things get messed up in that same room.

It does not mean you cannot decorating your small bedroom. There are a number of tricks that can help you in getting spacious even in your small bedroom.

The Sleek Look with Two Different Style

Today almost everything is coming up in a sleek look such as the flat televisions, and so on. So, it is a great idea to use up this modern sleek option to make your bedroom quite spacious.

You can try out a wooden styled bedroom. The wooden tiles for floor and walls come up in so many different textures and variants and you can choose the best one among them. Also, you can create illusions of seating arrangements and add up a few of the furniture to the bedroom.

If a wooden bedroom is not your type, you can also try out the concrete look. Do not forget to add up glasses as this offers a spacious look to the bedroom.

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Baby Room Decorating for Small Bedroom

There are so many people who make their baby sleep in a separate room at times. If you have got a small room for your baby, you do not have to worry. You can add up furniture that is in the form of decorative. Such furniture items can be also used to store items.

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Playground Bedroom

Your kid’s room cannot be boring; it needs to have some kind of a topic. You can create a playground feel with options such as animated walls, and so on. There are so many different ways that you can come up with such as outer space, jungle, sailor, castle, and many more.

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Storage Solution For Small Bedrooms

If you really have a small bedroom and there are so many things scattered here and there, you need to arrange the things to get some space. For such a room, you can increase the storage solutions such as you can create boxes underneath the bed, and other furniture in the room. You can create cabinets on the roof corners, and so on.


Murphy Bed to Save Space

The Murphy Bed is a new idea that has become a point of attraction currently. These are perfect not only for making enough space in your room but also it quite a thing to show off to your guests.


Make the Bed Fluffy

Fluffy beds are not only comfortable but also can save a lot of your space. You can put up a number of things such as quilts, pillows, and any other soft items on and inside the bed. Do not forget, you need to sleep on it and hence do not put up anything hard. Add a dim light to the room to make it more comfortable in looks.

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Bohemian Ideas for Bright Look

Bohemian design means a lot of bright colors, patterns, and so many things to decorate your room. If you have wooden flooring, you can add up some patterned carpets on the floor to provide a perfect bright look to your room.

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The Rustic Farmhouse Style

It all needs to start with the white walls and the beddings of soft colors. Rest, you need to decorate the room with rustic items such as buckets on the walls, wooden furniture with vintage storage option and so on.

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Classy Style to Make Room Look Bigger

Often classy denotes huge rooms with great luxuries. But now you can offer a classy touch even to your small bedroom. Put up a mirror on one wall so that it reflects the room to get bigger and add up complimenting decorative options.

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Pure White Bedroom Look

White is the color that is known to make things lighter and spacious. Try out with the shade white on walls, and the white color room to get an illusion of a spacious room.

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Dark Is Also An Option

Though the lighter shades will make your room spacious in looks, the darker shade in combination with some brighter options will provide you some actual space. You will be able to point out anything faster in the room and hence arranging becomes much easier.

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Bold Colors Combinations

As both white and dark colors have their different straits, a combination of both can offer you a perfect spacious room. You can try out with options such as black and white, grey and yellow, teal and plum, and so on.

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Level Bed to Double the Space

It is one of the best ways to create space in your bedroom. You can keep the bed a level up with the help of stairs and underneath can be your studying place or even a storage area.

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Painting on The Wall

Paintings can also offer you the illusion of a spacious area. You can paint one of your walls with dense forest or something similar that offers you a feeling of infinity.

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Amazing Bed Head

A number of times we forget about the head of the bed. If the head of the bed is attached to the wall, there can be a number of things that can be done such as creating a storage unit there, setting up a whole library, and so on.


Attic Bedroom Designs

Have you ever imagined about the attic styled bedroom? You can store your items at the attic area and create a small comfortable sleeping area beneath.

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Nook Bed Style

What about getting a bed that can be transformed into a seating place when not in use? Though this will eat up some space while you are sleeping on the bed but the rest of the time you can make the room a bit spacious.

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Symmetrical Ideas

This idea can be tried with both two beds as well as the twin beds. When there are twin beds, space can be created as U shaped by pushing the beds at the center. On the other hand, when there are two beds, the beds can be pushed to two sides so that there is some space in the center.

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Stand-Out Bed Ideas

The most important furniture in your bedroom is the bed. So making it stand out in the center of the room will divert attention the bed. In this way, you can add up other things in the room such as smaller furniture options without making the room look messy.
The bedroom will speak much about your personality. Hence, it is important to decorate your bedroom accordingly. Having a small bedroom is not the trouble, getting it arranged in the right way is the most important task that you need to do.

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